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10 best basketball brands in India-buy basketball online

Top 10 best basketball brands in India, and the best products they have to offer. Easily pick from the best options available online.

10 best basketball brands in India-buy basketball online

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As you know, basketball is a beautiful & dynamic sports.

It is a game that need coordination of eye, hands and movements. Basketball demands combination of skill & athleticism from the player.

This sport will develop your core strength, reflexes, & upper-lower body strength.

But basketball in India is in a sorry state.

Basketball in India - Basketball Federation of India (BFI) is the governing body for management, promotion and controlling of national level basketball events in India.

Basketball tournaments are organized in schools, districts, state and national levels in India. Even though popularity of Basketball is nothing compared to Cricket- which is the most popular sports in India.

Top-selling basketball brands in India

  • Nivia

nivia logo

Based on Punjab under the banner of FreeWill Sports Pvt Ltd Nivia is abrand that manufactures and market variety of sports equipment.

Top basketball products are: Nivia top grip, Nivia Rubber grip, NiviaEngraver, Nivia Pro touch, Nivia encounter, street and Nivia Europa basketball

  • Spalding

spalding logo

Spalding is official brand that is used in many major events like WNBA and NBA. And is a well known brand across the world.

Top-selling basketballs series are: TF-Series, Neverflat, NBA Street, NBA Varsity & Official Game Balls(WNBA,NBA).

  • Cosco

cosco logo

Cosco is an indian sports goods company based on Delhi. Top basket ball products are Cosco dribble, Cosco funtime etc.

  • Sportigo

Indian company offering 2 main models like Sportigo outdoor pro-court & all court.

  • Kipsta

kipsta logo

This is a brand from Decathlon, mainly available through their retail and online store. But also available on amazon. Tarmak Puncture Proof Basketball is a bestseller from Kipsta.

  • Adidas

adidas logo

Adidas being sponsor & promotor of some international level players, offer all variety of volleyball products. Basketballs from Adidas are: all court, 3 stripes, harden signature etc.

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Basketball Buyers Guide - Things to know before choosing a basketball

Size of basketball

Basketballs commonly come in three different sizes as 5, 6 or 7. It is little confusing because different brands use different sizes. Measurement is based on circumference of ball.

Internationally (in NBA and NCAA) accepted official size is 29 & 1/2 (size 7). Twenty-nine and half indicates the circumference of the ball

Women players sometimes use basketball having size 6 (28.5 in circumference). Children / youth players can opt basketball with size 5 (i.e. 27.5 circumference).

Choosing right basketball as a beginner would help build confidence and develop solid skills in dribbling & ball controlling.

Indoor vs outdoor basketball

Basketball is actually one of the few games that we can play indoor and outdoor. We have basketballs specifically designed for indoor or outdoor use. Although some of them can be used both indoor and outdoor.

Indoor basketballs will perform best in indoor courts for example vinyl floor. They would fail to handle conditions in outdoor court due to lack of roughness.

Outdoor basketballs have rough exterior and will easily withstand rough conditions in an outdoor court. You may use for indoor use also but cannot expect optimal performance of a ball specifically designed for indoor use.

Materials used: make materials of Basketballs

Most commonly used materials to make exterior of basketball are leather, rubber & synthetic materials. Modern technology is used in designing and manufacturing of basketball exterior.

This enables companies to create accurate and symmetric parts that ensure accuracy and reliability of balls. This will also help to increase the durability.

Indoor balls - leather (soft and good grip)/ synthetic material (similar to leather but).

Outdoor balls - rubber (durable but rough) / synthetic compounds.

Most common color is orange/brick, and black. But is available in different / multi-colours.

Tubeless basketball ! Good or bad

Some brands in India are selling, tubeless basketballs. But most of them are made to reduce cost. Tight air from these type of ball will be lost after few hours. So it is not recommended buying tubeless basketball.

Brand recognition

Choosing one from reputed brand will pay off in long term.

Note : While buying from online shops make sure that you are choosing from top rated sellers / brand itself to ensure that product is original.

Suggested top 10 basketballs from top brands

Many good basketballs are available out there which are different in colour, texture, brand, and other features etc.

Following are the narrowed down list of the top 9 best basketballs for your review. Each one is selected based on the overall quality of the ball, customer reviews and price.

Best basketball in india price range - 250 to 500 rupees - sometimes(during heavy discounts) Cosco Dribble size 7 is available under 500 rupees.

Best basketball in india price range - 500 to 1000 rupees - Nivia Engraver, Spalding Nba rebound, Nivia Top Grip

Best basketball ball price range - Rs 1000 to 1500 -

Which basketball is best in price range - 1500 to 2000 -

High quality world-class NBA, FIBA basketballs price 2000 & more - Adidas NEW PRO

Nivia Engraver Basketball

Nivia engraver basketball

Price range - check product price at amazon

Colour is classic Orange Black combination. One of the best in this price segment of 500 to 1000 rupees price range. 14 panel Moulded construction.

Soft rubberized moulded material. The size of the ball is set at 7, butyl bladder, official indian college league size 7 Size is 7, which is official ball size of indian school basketball matches.

Spalding Nba rebound brick

Spalding Nba rebound brick

Price range - check price detail at amazon

Colour - Brick colour

Size - 7

Cosco dribble basket ball

Price range - check product price at amazon

Cosco dribble basketball

Colour - Orange. Size - available at size seven, six and five.

For Training Weight is around 580-650 gms. Molded Construction with butyl Bladder. Winding is Nylon winding for strength, size available are 5,6 & 7.

Spalding fast S highlights series

Spalding basketball

Price range - check price detail at Amazon
Colour - Black/Gold

Size - 7

Nivia Top Grip Basketball

Best nivia basket ball - Nivia top grip 7

Price range - check price details at amazon

Colour - brick, white and black, 8 panel Moulded construction.
Soft rubberized outer, moulded material. Nylon wound for strength.

Size - available in 5,6 and 7.

Spalding NBA graffiti, Size 7

NBA Spalding graffiti basketball

Price range - check price details at amazon
Colour - Multicolor

Size - 7

Cosco Hi-Grip basketball, Size 7

cosco hi-grip

Price range - check price detail at amazon,

Colour - Orange, black,

Recommended for Match, Material Rubber
Size: 7/8, Weight: 580-650 gms
Circumference: 75-77 cms, Bladder: Butyl
Construction: Moulded, Winding: Nylon winding

Sportigo PROCOURT Basketball

Sportigo basketball

Price range - check price details at amazon
Colour - black and silver white

Size - Size 7

Adidas NEW PRO BALL Basketball

Price range - check price details at amazon

buy adidas basketball online in india

Colour - brick plus black

Size - 7


  1. Cosco - Sports Equipment Manufacturer - www.cosco.in
  2. Nivia Sports - FreeWill Sports Pvt Ltd - www.niviasports.com
  3. Spalding (sports equipment) - www.spalding.com

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10 best basketball brands in India-buy basketball online

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