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Best learning toys for 2-year-olds

These educational toys will improve the IMAGINATION, MEMORY & Creativity of children. These top 10 toys are highly recommended as gifts for both boys, girls at age of 2years.

Best learning toys for 2-year-olds

Choosing toys for kids should be done carefully.

Good learning toys will help to grow the innate skills in a kid.

Educational toys will improve the IMAGINATION, MEMORY & Creativity of children.

Kids at the age of 2 years have a very short attention span.

And most of the time they want to play with something sharp or dangerous. Things that they are not supposed to play with.

But this is the age in which kids gain thinking, learning & memory skills and invent new ways to play, explore & even express their feelings, opinions, and needs.

What is not recommended - At or below 2 years of age, it is better to avoid electronic toys, remote-controlled toys, small toy figures, or even musical toys. These are best for kids over the age of 3.

What type of toys are best toys for 2-year-olds girls/boys- Following are different types of toys kids will find interesting.

These top 10 toys are highly recommended as gifts for both boys, girls at age of 2 years. Best brands and offer links available for toys.

These toys are also the perfect birthday gift for 2-year-old toddlers.

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10 best toys for 2-year-old children - boys & girls.

  • For developing creativity.

Blocks - soft blocks, legos, square blocks, structural blocks & pipe blocks.

plain building block high quality

Plain square, triangle & rectangular blocks are best for building creativity.

I would recommend buying a high-quality set of blocks which is priced around 1000 rupees. This might seem a bit pricey, but trust me - because you will not regret it.

These are from a good brand & are made with very good quality plastic. It will last a long time: usually many years.

Blocks made with low-quality plastic will break very fast, usually faster than we expect.

Other than just plain square blocks, you should also have a look at soft blocks, Legos, square blocks, structural blocks, thin sheet type blocks & pipe blocks.

  • For improving memory.

Structural toys for memory two year

Another type of toy in the same category i.e. above-mentioned structural blocks are again very good for improving memory by playing.

Structural blocks unlike plain square blocks, require kids to learn the exact position of each block to make the shape. But at 2 years of age, kids cannot do complex shapes.

So it is recommended to buy a toy that can be separated into a maximum of 10 big parts.

  • For building imagination.

pretend to play toy for toddlers

Pretend to play with toys & toys for making things are the best for developing imagination in toddlers.

This includes Pretend to play with toys like cutting fruits, pretending to be a cook, doctor, nurse, etc.

Toys for making different things are also another option for building imagination. But this involves the use of colored clay(usually chemicals) so you need to be assisting all the time.

  • To initiate reading skills.

thick book for toddler

Reading storybooks with big images is the obvious option here. Toddlers will tear the books minutes after they see them. So it is recommended to buy a book with very thick pages.

Or you can buy cheap and books from a local store.

  • To encourage speaking.

Reading stories speaking books

Simple books like shapes, alphabets, fruits, etc. can be used to assist in encouraging speaking. You can use books to touch each image and say names.

A set similar to My First Library would be an amazing option to buy.

  • For hand-eye coordination & writing skills.

toy for hand eye co-ordination 2 year kids

An amazing toy for hand-eye coordination and writing skills is a reusable coloring book. This toy comes with a book, a water brush.

You can fill the brush with water and assist the toddler to write on the book.

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Written on August 31, 2021
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