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5 Best 10W solar panels in India

10W 12v solar panels are the best option if you want to sink your toes in the Ocean of solar energy.

These are affordable and easy to install. These are also the best solar option for charging phone. You can later add more panels to the same system without spending extra money. For example a solar charge controller with a rating of 6 Amp can handle upto 100 watt solar panels.

Most 10w solar panels produce an output current of .5 Amp. It is enough to charge a battery with capacity in the range of 3 Amp to 18 Amp battery.

A 3Amp 12V battery will be charged fast with 10W panel but it will take more time to recharge 18 Amp battery. But any battery in this range can be used along with 10W panel.

Best 12V 10W Solar panels in India

Following solar panels are, few best options available as of now. I will do my best to update new products & remove old ones.

Loom solar 10W solar Panel

Loom solar 10w solar panel is one of the best option you can buy online. They sometimes sell through amazon, flipkart etc but mainly they sell through their own website.

Loom solar is one of the well established solar panel company selling online.

Type of panel – Polycrystalline

Specifications – 10w, 12V, Open circuit current – .65Amp , Closed circuit current -.69 Amp

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Buy from loomsolar- Loomsolar

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Microtek Solar Panel MTK 10W 12V

Microtek is a consumer electronics company that sells UPS, Stabilisers, Batteries, solar panels etc. They are also trying their luck in electronic medical equipments. 10w solar panel is their cheapest solar panel. You can buy it form amazon, flipkart and other online stores.

Solar panel type – Polycrystalline

Specifications – 10w, 12v

Buy from amazon – offer link

Unbranded 12v 10W solar panel

There are many unbranded panels available. Some of them are same branded products sold by other companies. Below is one of such 10w solar panel you can buy.

Solar panel type – Polycrystalline

Specifications – 10w,12 v

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Prabha REIL 10W 12V PV Solar Panel

They sell many different models of solar panels and other consumer electronic products. I found their products in amazon and they are also selling through their own site. But this solar panel is made in China.

Solar panel type – Polycrystalline

Specifications – 10w, 12v

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Solar Universe 10W Solar Panel

Solar universe pvt ltd is another company based on Delhi selling different solar products. You can buy their 10W solar panel from online stores.

Panel type – Polycrystalline

Specifications – 10w, 12w

Buy from industrybuying –

Written on June 17, 2020
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