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5 Best badminton Shuttlecocks available online in India

If you are a regular badminton player, you will end up spending a lot of money for buying shuttlecocks.

And therefore is one of the top variable cost you have to spend for enjoying this sport regularly.

Choosing a good quality shuttlecock will not only give you the best playing experience but also last longer.

Following are the best badminton shuttlecocks available online in India.

How to choose badminton shuttlecock

The shuttlecock is the most important part of the sport. There are basically two types of shuttlecocks. They are distinguished based on the materials used to manufacture them. The two types of shuttlecocks are feather shuttlecock and synthetic shuttlecocks.

Synthetic shuttlecocks are good in terms of durability. They can last for more matches so they are good for practice.

Feather shuttlecocks are not that durable because of the normal wear and tear during which the feathers get damaged while playing. These feathers are stuck on a rounded cork base.

The downside of feather shuttlecocks is they are expensive, but they have good speed because of which professional badminton players like to use them.

Choosing the best badminton shuttlecock for you - Usually, the playing conditions are used to determine the kind of shuttlecock to be used.

There are 14 to 16 feathers in the shuttlecock. In hot conditions, the shuttlecocks gather more speed which is exactly the opposite in case of cold weather conditions.

This factor is considered while conducting international matches. Synthetic shuttlecocks offer less stability because of which they are only used in practice sessions in different sports clubs, colleges, etc.

Dimensions of a badminton shuttlecock, international standards - As per international standards the ideal weight for shuttles is between 4.74 to 5.5 grams and the length is between 62 mm to 70 mm.

In general, the progression of an athlete begins from using shuttlecocks which have got less speed to more speed.

Each shuttlecock has got specific colors like Green, White, etc. at the base.

These colors indicate the speed of the shuttlecock. Shuttlecocks cannot be stored for a long time when they are not used.

They start degrading after few months. Maximum they can stay in good condition is a year.

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Shuttlecock aerodynamics for better control & speed.

There are different studies done to understand the movement of the shuttlecock. The shuttlecock always falls with its nose ahead so that each player can hit it without getting the feathers stuck inside the racquet.

It flips on impact with a racquet. The conical shape of the shuttlecock affects its movement in the air. It is important to note that the shuttlecock does not make a full 360-degree rotation.

Professional badminton players try to hit harder so that the shuttlecock flips faster. They have more killer shots as a part of the tricks. There are different kinds of strokes that the players play for different trajectory movements.

The ‘Smash’ is regarded as the most ‘killing’ shot as it is hit with full force downwards. The body movement also influences the movement of the shuttlecock in the air.

Badminton is more related to strength and technique. The one who masters both eventually becomes the champion of the game.

List of top-selling badminton shuttlecocks in India.

Yonex Mavis 200i (Nylon)

Yonex Mavis 200i Nylon Shuttle Cock.jpg

The number of pieces - 6, Colour-Yellow, Speed - Slow, Material - Nylon.

Check price / More details - Lowest price

Yonex Mavis 10(Nylon)

Yonex Mavis 10 Nylon 6 Shuttlecocks The number of pieces - 6, Color- White with blue cap, Speed - Medium, Material - Nylon.

Check price / More details - Price drop

Yonex Mavis 350(Nylon)

Yonex Mavis 350 Nylon Shuttlecock

The number of pieces - 6, Color- yellow, Speed- slow, Material - Nylon.

Check price / More details - Offer

Yonex Aeroclub-TR (Feather)

YONEX AEROCLUB TR Feather Shuttlecock.jpg

Number of pieces - Pack of 12,Colour- white, Speed - fast, Material - Feather.

Check price / More details - Offer

Silver’s Pro 270 (Nylon)

Silver's Pro 270 Nylon

The number of pieces - 6, Color- Yellow, Speed - medium, Material - Nylon.

Check price / More details - Offer price

Written on August 1, 2021
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