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5 Best Li-Ning badminton rackets below INR 2000

5 Original Li-Ning badminton rackets available online in India.Wondering which is the best badminton racket under 2000 INR? Buy with Offers and deals available from

5 Best Li-Ning badminton rackets below INR 2000

Many badminton lovers in India are looking for a good racket under 2000 Rupees.

If you prefer Li-Ning, in this article, you will learn everything you need to know about Li-Ning, as a company, technologies used in their racket, different series of rackets, codes they use to represent weight and size of racket, and more.


Li Ning is one of the leading badminton racket brands in India. It is founded by Chinese Olympic gymnast Li Ning.

Based in China, “Li-Ning Company Limited” makes sportswear, athletic shoes, racket sports goods & many other sports goods. They also sponsored many international athletes and events across the world.

This brand is the choice of many leading professional badminton players in the world. Any of the following Li-Ning Badminton racket under 2000 rupees (G-Tek series rackets) is best for beginners and intermediate level badminton players.

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Different badminton racket series’s from li ning

There are 5 categories/series of rackets you can choose from, based on your playing style or gameplay if you are importing from China. For example, if you are purchasing from online stores like Aliexpress.

  • Mega power - Superior Offensive Play Style
  • Ultra sharp - Offence Oriented Play Style
  • Extra skill - Quick Hands Play Style
  • Multi control - Control Focused Play Style
  • Pro master - Balanced Play Style

But 12 series’s that are applicable to Indian Market are G-Force Series, G-Tek Series, N Series, Q Series, RAZOR Series, SONIC Series, SPEED Series, SUPER Series, Turbo Series, Ultra Carbon Series, WINDSTORM Series, and XP Series

What indicate ‘S’ and ‘W’ in li Ning racket names

Unlike Yonex, which uses ‘G’ to represent grip size, Li Ning uses ‘S1, S2, S3, etc’ to represent the size of badminton racket handle.

Similarly, Li Ning uses W instead of U to indicate the weight of their rackets. If you are want to read more technical details about badminton rackets – read 10 Things to Know before buying a badminton racket – guide for beginners & intermediate level players.

For Li Ning badminton rackets,

W1 represents a weight of 78 to 80 grams
W2 represents a weight of 81 to 84 grams
W3 represents a weight of 85 to 89 grams

Li-ning use w1, w2, W3 to, etc to represent the weight

Innovative Technologies used in Li Ning rackets

Badminton racket technology is always evolving. This includes innovations in manufacturing, use of different materials, designs, and techniques.

This makes new rackets more strong, light, and at the same time durable. Following are few technologies used in Li Ning rackets.


Bio inner cone moves the bending point of shaft up, this will increase the flexibility of racket, enhances racket controlling feel.

TB Nano

The use of nanotechnology in the manufacturing process makes rackets more stable, lightweight, tough, and strong.

Wing Stabilizer

This is a technology that enables the stabilized performance of rackets by the use of aviation technology design. This stabilizes the frame restoration each time we hit with racket thus improves control on strokes. This fast restoration in a stabilized manner enables the racket for a quick, exact, and stable second stroke.

Stabilized Torsion Angle

This design aspect of new models helps players to create high-quality strikes, even when the hitting point is not the sweet spot.

Dynamic Optimum Frame

This is another design aspect that makes sure that more stringing area and increased bounce strength are achieved. This design improves racket’s mechanical structure for a more efficient attack and defense system.

Aerotec Beam System

Aero Tec-Beam system, optimizes the shape of rackets frame section for ‘low drag coefficient’ & ‘high intensity’. This improves the player’s speed in various shots.

Other generic techs used are PCF Reinforcing, HB Shaft, inner wave, titanium extra material, 3D Break free, Slim frame, High carbon, Slim shaft, etc.

5 Best Li Ning badminton rackets below 2000 rupees

Finally here is our take of top 5 badminton rackets from Li Ning available in the Indian market.

Li-ning Turbo X10

Li-Ning Turbo Series X10 Badminton Racket

Product Series: Turbo series

Product Name: Turbo X10 , Model code name: AYPK238-4

Product Type: Intermediate

Colour options available: Orange & Black

Flex: soft, Weight: 86-89 GM, Grip Size: S2

Material Description: Carbon Fibre

Li-Ning G-Tek 80 muscle 11

Li-Ning G-TEK -80 Muscle II Badminton Racket

Product Series: G-Tek Series Racket

Product Name : G-TEK -80 Muscle II , Model code name: AYPJ154-2

Product Type: Beginner/Intermediate level

Colour options available: Orange, Black

Flex: soft, Weight: 86-89 Gm, Grip Size: S2

Material Description: Ultra Carbon

Li-Ning G-Tek 70 II

Li-Ning G-Tek -70-II Badminton Racket

Product Series: G Tek

Product Name: G-Tek -70-II

Product Type: Intermediate/Beginner

Colour options available: Yellow

Flex: soft, Weight: 86-89 GM, Grip Size: S2

Material Description: Aluminium head & graphite shaft, High tensile slim shaft

Li-Ning 60 II G-Tek

Li-Ning G.TEK -60-II Badminton Racket

Product Series: G-Tek

Product Name: G-Tek 60 II, Model code name: AYPJ172-2

Product Type: For Intermediate/Beginner players

Colour options available: White silver

Flex : Medium, Weight : 86-89 GM , Grip Size : S2

Material Description: Carbon Fibre

Li-Ning G-Tek 58 Iite

Li-Ning G-Tek-58 Lite Badminton Racket

Product Series: G-Tek

Product Name : G-Tek 58 Lite , Model code name: Aypl038-4

Product Type: Intermediate/beginner level racket

Colour options available: Lime color

Flex: soft, Weight: 85 Gm, Grip Size: S2

Material Description: Aluminium and Graphite

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