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5 best solar charge controllers for 10W to 50W Solar panels

10W to 50W solar panels are small. But it doesn’t mean we can connect it directly to the battery. Output voltage of these panels are usually 13v to 18v (in the case of 12v nominal voltage panels).

Plus, Solar energy produced in highly unstable. It need to be properly stabilized before giving to a battery.

Choosing the right Solar Charge controller for solar panels in range of 10W to 50W

Solar charge controllers are rated based on Current. For example if output current of a solar panel is 5 Amp, solar charge controller should be able to handle that much current. Incase of one 10W panel, current is very low, usually under .50 Amp.

Maximum current Produced by a 50W panel is 3Amp. If it is a 10W panel, current will be usually under .5Amp.

So technically any Charge controller that can handle 1 Ampere(in the case of 10W panel) to 3 Ampere current will work. But i couldn’t find any commercially available charge controller in the range of 1 Amp to 2 Amp. Other option is making one as a DIY.

You can buy commercial charge controllers starting from 3 Amp rating though. Some of these(Low Amp control panels) are just control board without any casing.

So following are some of the best Solar charge controllers for charging a 10W to 50W solar panels available online in India. Starting from 3 Amp to 6 Amp.

Most of the following control panels can handle a panel upto 60 W. Most of the following are PWM controllers because MPPT controllers are not so commonly available in this range.

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Best solar charge controllers for 10W Solar panel.

12v 3 AMP Solar Charge Controller/Street Light Controller

Buy from amazon – offer link

This digitonic solar charge control board can be used for different purposes. It can be used to charge a 12v battery for solar charging, street light etc.

Features include charging indicator led, Dusk to dawn(automatically start light in night time.), solar panel & battery reverse charge protections etc.

Max Input voltage is 40V & 3 Amp that means you can use solar panels upto 60 Watt.

But it is just a circuit board and no casing or box is there. You have to arrange a casing yourself.

Instapark SS1203 3 Amp Solar Power Charge Controller

Buy from amazon – offer link This one can also handle current upto 3 Amp. More details like features and specifications are not clear.

Comco Automation DC 12V 4 Amp solar charge controller

Buy from flipkart – offer link Made for 12-volt battery sealed acid. Supply Voltage: DC 13.8-14.5V, Potentiometer Adjustment: RP1. Max Current 4 Amp.

Colemancc-4000 4-Amp Solar Panel Power Charge Controller

Buy from amazon – offer link For solar panels generating up to 4-ampere of charging current (12-volt). Intelligent pwm charge control ensures batteries reach maximum capacity.

Belifal Solar Charge Controller 5A – 60W

This can handle current upto 6 Amp and can be used for solar panels up to 60W. This one have dusk to dawn feature and it is also a pwm type controller. Buy from amazon – offer link

Bruhat Energy Solar Charge Controller (12V, 5A)

Operates at 12V, Max. PV Charging Current = 5A; Max. Load Current = 5A. Is Relay based, Battery High Cut-Off = 14.4V Battery Low Cut-Off = 10.8V. Battery ‘Charging’ LED flickers continuously till Battery High Voltage is attained after which it becomes steady; ‘Load On’ LED is indicated by green light and switches on at 12.3V; ‘Load Off’ is indicated by Red Light and is attained once the battery reaches 10.8V Buy from amazon – offer link ### Luminous Solar Charge Controller – 6 Amp, 12 volt This one is one of the best selling solar charge controllers. I bought this for my personal use. It is lightweight, have dusk to dawn feature, and it can handle current upto 6 Amp.
Buy from loom solar website – offer link

Prabha Exide Technologies 12/24 V, PWM 6A Solar Charge Controller

Solar Charge Controller for Home Light. It has 100 Watt Solar Panel Max. It is 12/24 V, PWM 6 A. This is one of the cheapest option with 6 Amp rating. Buy from amazon – offer link

Written on July 1, 2020
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