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5 best tripods under 1500 rupees

Tripods under price range of 1000 rupees & 1500 rupees are mainly used by beginners.

Best budget tripods to buy online in India price from 200 Rupees to Rs 1500.

Number of tripods available in this price range is limited. And it is pretty obvious that quality of tripods in this price segment are not that great. But still these can be used for its purpose. As people say – A Tool is Only as Good as its User.

So let’s have a look at the Best tripods available under a price range of 1500 rupees.

Best tripods under 500 rupees.

These are Cheapest options you can consider buying. Most of them imported – from china. Comes in many models and names but all are selling same product with some variations. Price range from Rs 200 to 500 .

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These are pretty sturdy when used without extending its legs(Height 1.5 feet/46cm). It will be too wobbly if you use it with full length. These tripods can achieve a Maximum height of 1 meter. But cannot hold heavy cameras in its full height. So it can be used as a small, lightweight alternative tripod for phones, action cams and small cameras.

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AmazonBasics 50-Inch tripod-under 1000 rupees.

Best thing about tripods under 1500 is that, these are lightweight and are suitable for travel.

Amazonbasics as a brand that sells affordable products with optimum quality. When i say optimum, there is a fine line between price and quality. Most of the time these are “Just good enough”, Looks and works good & Fulfills its purpose, but don’t expect premium quality.

Amazonbasics 50 inch tripod is available under 1000 rupees. MRP is 1815 but usually available for sale under 800 rupees. Maximum height is 50 inches/126 cms.

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This is made with light weight aluminium and can hold a max weight of 1kg. So it cannot hold cameras with very heavy lenses. This tripod does not come with a phone holder, you have to purchase those separately.

Three way head allows some tilt & swivel motions for different shots. It comes with a zipped bag for storage.

AmazonBasics 60-Inch Tripod-available under 1500 rupees.

This one is similar to Amazonbasics 50 inch, but more better in quality and size. Compared to 50 inch tripod, this can hold weight upto 3kg, and there is an option for adding weight(hook) to lower part for more stability.

As mentioned in name itself, its maximum height is 60 inch, ie 1.5 meters. To record a person recording in a standing position, with a camera or mobile phone, a tripod with 1.5 meter height is needed.

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So if you are creating videos for youtube, this tripod is a good option. Built-in bubble view levels(2 of them are available in this model) & some three way head movements are some nice features. This will allow some limited but useful tilt and swivel motion shots.

Digitek Tripod (DTR 550LW).

This is little more professional looking tripod from Digitek. Maximum height is 170 cm/ 1.7 meter. It can hold a max weight of 5kg.

Similar to above mentioned tripods this one also have features like a hook for weight adjustments, bubble view levels, 3-way head etc.

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Kodak T210 150cm.

I assume that this one is not from Kodak company, but from a licenced firm. This one is another best tripod under 1500 rupees.

This one is also similar to above 2 products, but this one includes a phone holder also. Maximum load capacity is 3.5kg and height is 150cm/1.5 meter.

They also sell products in same series like Kodak T211, Kodak T230 etc also. Those are also priced in similar range of under 2000 rupees.

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Written on January 22, 2020
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