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5 best looking scooters in India.

This is the ultimate list of 5 best looking scooters in India, 2 retro scooters, 2 scooters with race ready powerful design and 1 with awesome riding position & looks.

5 best looking scooters in India.
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This is the ultimate list of 5 best looking scooters in India, 2 classic looking scooters, 2 scooters with race ready powerful design and 1 with awesome riding position & looks.

Imaging riding through a regular busy road in your neighborhood.

You can see many scooters, bikes and cars moving along & in the opposite direction.

Most of them are usual bikes, scooters & cars in the road. Together they form a familiar pattern & colors that the brain understands.

Suddenly for 2 seconds your eyes notice something different.

A different shape, color, sound or a different design. Something that does not match the regular boring pattern of vehicles in the road.

Those are the scooters that grab; attention, head turns & eyeballs. Something that is different from the ordinary.

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This post is about such cool looking & amazing scooters in India.

Following are the 5 best looking & eyeball catching scooters in India. These scooters are not that common in Indian road.

Design is eye catching, riding position is different and shape is unique.


Yamaha India offers scooters with 3 different looks. These 3 models are Aerox, RAYZR and FASCINO. All of these 3 models look great compared to the Activa or any other commonly favored scooter.


Out of the 3, FASCINO looks the best with its retro look amazingly blended with modern design and features. Starting from awesome led headlight to v shaped tail light & seats.

Available in 2 color options, this scooter will make heads turn on the road.

Piaggio Vespa.

Premium scooter from Piaggio brings back the classic look in the scooter. It is kind of like the royal Enfield of scooters.

Vespa vintage design scooter

Available in 6 different colors starting from red to yellow, this scooter looks awesome. Round headlight, all covered body with vintage design makes this scooter one of the best looking unique scooter available in India.

TVS Ntorq.

Heavy and powerful looking scooter with modern features.


TVS Ntorq is an awesome looking scooter with modern design. This is the one of the best option if you don’t want to go with premium vintage look.

Honda grazia.

Looks very refreshing and cool compared to boring active. Racing version is also available.

Honda grazia

Available in 3 colors, yellow, red, and gray. Modern, powerful design with LED lights(looks the best in darkness) & other advanced features. Available in deluxe and standard editions.


Good option for tall riders. Powerful riding position and feeling. Look & feel like a powerful machine.

Suzuki stylish scooter

Riding position & design will attract eyeballs. Looks different from regular scooters.

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Written on October 30, 2021
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