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5 Reasons you should never buy a new phone ever

If you are still confused about buying a second hand phone, your concerns might be as follows.

If you are still confused about buying a second hand phone, your concerns might be as follows.

Is it really a good idea going for a second hand smartphone ?.

Am I going to regret this decision? Should I go for a second hand phone with premium features or a new model with fewer features.

Will i end up spending more money repairing the phone I buy.

In the past two decades, we witnessed a phenomenal growth in the usage of mobile phones.

The mobile phone(not smartphone) penetration in India stands at 650 million in India as per technology consultancy Counterpoint Research. Growth of smartphones in India has also increased and it stands at 300 million in India.

There is a huge market for second hand phones as well. There are many reasons which are responsible for this growth. They are as follows:

Top reasons to go for a second hand phone

If you made up your mind to go for a second hand phone, it is advisable to proceed, if chosen model is afrom a trusted brand, refurbished, and not more than 2 years old.

Price of some flagship models, like Samsung S series. iPhone etc. will be reduced to half of its original price when bought as a second hand phone.

Now with platforms like 2gud.com, new online store from flipkart, the process of buying refurbished phones, laptops and other accessories is more easy. They categories phones as Good, very good, Like new, superb etc.

Need to get flagship features at the price of a budget smartphone? Go for second hand phone.</span>

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### **Other reasons to go for a second hand phone in India.** 1. **High prices of new models and lack of flagship features** – The new models which are introduced by different mobile phone companies are very costly. Many middle class and lower middle class people cannot afford to purchase it. But people can afford to purchase the models which are older. Some of these second hand phones have good features. If they are in workable condition then sometimes you can easily use the phone for 3-4 years or even more than it. 2. **Bargaining power** – Buyers have good bargaining power while purchasing refurbished or second hand phone. You just need to know whether it is in good condition while purchasing. There is a good scope for bargaining with the seller. Prices quoted by the seller can be heavily bargained. If someone quotes the initial price as INR 10000 for a phone then he/she might also sell the same phone at half the cost i.e. for INR 5000. Many popular sites like Amazon, Flipkart etc. sell refurbished phones at very less price. Some of them have only few minor defects and are in very good condition. 3. **Convenience** – Companies like OLX and Quickr have made things easy for buyers. They can check the pictures of the mobile, chat with the sellers and negotiate. They can also check prices of same model of phone by checking the ads posted by other sellers. All this is possible by just operating through the mobile or computer. 4. **Experience** – People who are not very sure about the new model of phone which is introduced can purchase refurbished phone. They will then get a hands-on experience of how the new model of phone works. If they are not satisfied with it then they can think of purchasing another phone. This way, they will save money. This exercise is good when somebody wants to purchase a phone which is very much costlier. 5. **Good for less techno-savvy people** – Many people especially those who are old look to purchase phone which is cheaper and easier to handle. The reason being that they are not so much techno-savvy. They can purchase second hand phone at a much lesser price. It will help them in just basic calling. 6. **Emergency** – Second hand phones are the best option when somebody needs a phone for just a few months on an urgent basis. It is helpful when someone doesn’t want to use the phone on a long term basis. There can be many other motives where in a second-hand phone can be a very suitable option as compared to brand new phone. This article only highlights those points which are most common.

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Written on November 8, 2018
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