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7 best budget badminton rackets in India under 1000 rupees

Going for the costliest badminton racket is not the right thing to do. Because most of the innovations, technologies developed by manufacturers/brands are applied to the making of these affordable rackets also. Here is the ultimate list of the 7 best beginners badminton rackets in India under 1000 rupees.

best budget badminton rackets in India under 1000 rupees

Is rackets under 1000 rupees good for Wannabe professional players?

Many players are overly concerned with using the best badminton equipment for play. But the truth is that, for developing required skills, like footwork, strokes, smashing, drop shots, and so on, a basic model is enough.

If you are just starting out, you don’t need that most costly racket in the market. Even if you can afford one, without developing the basic skills in badminton, it is not going to affect your gameplay.

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As a player gains more and more experience, he/she can try different rackets, strings & tensions and choose the best option.

Also, an expensive racket doesn’t mean it is durable and lasts longer.

For example, if a player wants a very lightweight racket to take advantage of his technique, he might not expect the racket to be very durable.

That is why professional players use different rackets, from time to time, based on game need & type of play.

An interesting fact is that most of the innovations, technologies developed by manufacturers/brands are applied to the making of these affordable rackets also.

Affordable branded Racquets for Just for Fun Players

If you are playing just for recreational purposes, the following rackets under 1000 rupees are good options. Even you can try some competitive club-level matches with these rackets.

And some Disadvantages of choosing a low-cost racket

While talking in favor of affordable rackets, let’s not forget some advantages costly rackets have over low-cost ones.

Costly rackets definitely offer some properties & upper hand to the player who understands his strengths & weakness in gameplay.

Another small issue when you are in a tight budget is that you might not get a good kit to carry the racket around.

One of the main reasons to go for a costly racket is: if you need to teak racket tension, choose a different balance, for different weight options, stiffness. Also, a specialized racquet can be difficult for a beginner to handle because it is for a specific playstyle.

So in conclusion - A question you should ask yourself before deciding is, How much experience do I have? it takes some experience to tell and appreciate the difference between 2 different badminton rackets.

Costly rackets definitely offer some properties players needed (custom). But it is only worth it if you have enough experience, you plan on playing for a long time and you need it to push your skill to the next level.

7 best badminton rackets in India under 1000 rupees

Following are the 6 most affordable, but branded (Yonex, Nivia, Li-ning) badminton rackets available in India, under 1000 rupees. These rackets can be considered a perfect option for beginners.

These rackets are made with carbon fiber, Aluminium, polyurethane & composite materials.

Yonex Gr 303

Yonex Gr 303

Yonex Gr 303 is one of the best-selling budget Yonex rackets in India.

This racquet is considered/suggested as the best option for an Intermediate or Beginner in Badminton Player.

We have a detailed review about Yonex Gr 303 -> Yonex Gr 303 review

Yonex GR 301

Yonex racket under 500 rupess gr 301

Make material: Frame - Aluminium, Shaft - Steel. Head Shape - oval head shape.

Grip size - G4. Available in yellow+black+white & red+black+white color combinations.

Cosco Cb-150E

Cosco badminton racket under 1000 rupees

Make material - Aluminium & Steel. Comes with a full cover. This Racket is Best Suited for Training. Comes with a full Cover. Weight (gms) 90±5, Head Size(sq.in.) 50, Balance(mm) 290±10, Tension(lbs) 19~21
Packing Each, Cover Full, Material Aluminium, Steel, Frame .dia(mm) 20, Grip PVC,1

Li-Ning Smash XP 809

Li-ning badminton racket under 1000 rupees

Make material - carbon fiber, Colour available in white & red. Make material is carbon fiber.

Product series and model - XP series, 809 - AYPK252-3, free headcover available.

Yonex GR 777

Yonex gr 777 under 1000 rupees

Best for - beginners.

Make material -Low torsion steel shaft. Comes with a headcover.

Li-ning Smash XP 80 II

Li inig racket under 1000 rupees

Model Number : XP Series - AYPJ144-2
Product best for : Beginners
Colour options available : Red & Lime

Make material is carbon fiber. This decreases the racket’s weight and improves its strength for easy control.

Yonex NanoRay 7000i

Nanoray 7000i under 1000

Originally priced above 1500, but with some online offers, you can get around 1000 rupees.

Make material of this racket is graphite. It is a headlight racket, with a weight below (approximate) 90 grams.

Box type frame is used at lower and midways (of frame) which give better strength to racket frame, & Aero Cross-section in the upper part of the frame.


The advantage of using a head-light racket is that the head and frame have far less mass and are therefore much easier to manipulate and swing.

This is crucial when defending against opposing smashes, as you will need to react as quickly as possible to return the smash.

Aero Cross-section (upper side of frame head is kept as Aero shape cross-section) also helps in faster swing speed.


This racket can hold a string tension up to 19-24 lb. The lower part of the string is Box type along with inbuilt T-joint will give a feel of head stability which help in good direction control of the shuttle.

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Written on May 21, 2021
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