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Best badminton racket for kids - make them jump with happiness

At this point, the kid might not be able to lift/handle a big-size racket. Gift your kid a proper size badminton racket and make them the happiest in the world, that smile will be worth it.

Best badminton racket for kids - make them jump with happiness

Many badminton players regret not starting early.

They wanted to become a professional badminton player.

But did not get the right training or equipment early on.

Finding out and nourishing a kid’s talent is the best thing a parent can do to his/her child.

If your kid is having some skills in badminton, gifting a good junior badminton racket along with some basic training will change his/her life.

Kids can start basic training in footwork, smashes, stance & swing from a very young age.

Kids special Badminton rackets from all top brands like Yonex, Li-ning, Nivia, etc are available in the Indian market.

This page is dedicated to helping you choose the best junior badminton rackets from the top brand.

Our pick from all Junior badminton rackets is - Li-Ning Q10 JR.

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List of best Yonex junior rackets

List of best lining junior rackets

List of best badminton kits

Benefits of starting badminton at an early age - Not many are lucky enough to start their sports career in the early stage of life.

Parents definitely have a good role in encouraging children & creating opportunities. This opens a lot of opportunities in a child’s life.

He/she will be able to participate in international events, and get postings in many reputed government organizations including the military, railway, etc.

On top of all these, badminton is an amazing exercise that keeps them fit.

Many badminton superstars of the world started their training at a very young age.

By the age of 10, they would develop a playing style & will master movement skills. And at the age of 16 they become professional badminton players, competing in international events .

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Should children use junior racket?

For age group of 8 and above, you can go for a super light badminton racket like, Yonex Nanoray Light (5U-G4). But small Kids, just starting badminton, face several problems with regular racket.

They usually lack hand-eye coordination and are not able to handle the weight of normal rackets. As a result, they swing the racket too early or late or will not be able to hold the racket in a proper way.

Reasons to go for a junior racket.

If a junior player is

  • Not able to handle regular racket due to weight.
  • Not tall enough to hold a 65cm racket.
  • Physically not strong enough to swing a normal racket.
  • Age group 7 or below.
  • Don’t have hand-eye coordination.
  • Children having difficulty controlling the racket due to its weight.
  • Damage to the body due to over-swinging.
  • Racket hit the ground after swinging/hitting.
  • Grip size of a regular racket is not comfortable.

Things to consider before buying badminton racket for kids

  • Look for less weight
  • Less length (regular racket is around 65cm long)
  • Material (graphite/carbon fiber rackets weigh less than aluminum)
  • Choose head light racket if available.
  • Choose a small grip size

When to move to regular racket

Move to a regular racket as soon as your kid can hold a regular racket comfortably, develop hand-eye coordination & good level of footwork.

Best Yonex junior badminton rackets (Kids)

Yonex is the market leader in badminton products. Obviously, they have a few good quality children’s rackets also.

  • Yonex Muscle Power 2 Jr

Yonex junior racket

Deliver it to your door - buy now.

Made material - aluminum frame, steel shaft

Length - 12 inches

Single - yes

Color - Red+black

Cover - headcover

Shape - isometric head shape

Best Li ning badminton racket for kids

Li -Ning junior series rackets include

  • Li-Ning Q10 JR

Li-ning junior badminton racket

Made material - Carbon fiber.

Single - yes

Color - Yellow+black+blue

Cover - head cover

Shape - isometric head shape

Best junior Cosco badminton rackets for Kids

Cosco is a leading sports brand in India. They have a strong presence in the Badminton market also.

  • Cosco CB-80 Junior

cosco junior racketes

Made material - aluminum frame, steel shaft

Single - yes

Color - Red/blue

Cover - yes

Shape - isometric head shape

Disney junior badminton rackets

A good variety of Junior Disney rackets are available in the Indian market.

  • Disney Princess Combo

Badminton racket for small girls

Made material - aluminum frame, steel shaft

Colour - Red/blue

Cover - yes

Shape - isometric head shape

  • Best complete badminton kits for kids/beginners

Most of the branded badminton rackets are sold as a single piece. But you can get all in one badminton racket as a kit also. If bought as a kit, you will get all accessories required for playing in a team.

Some kits even include 2/3 pairs of rackets(six single rackets). Badminton kits usually come with a few shuttlecocks and u can use this bag as a racket carry bag. It may also include a water bottle, or some safety gear also.

If you are planning to buy it as a kit, prefer to buy from a local sports store because not many good options are available online. There you can choose from the best options. Anyway, you can consider the following.

  • Guru CLS 350 BS07 badminton kit

Check price in amazon.

This is the best option if you need rackets in pairs. Comes in yellow color. Kit Includes two rackets, three shuttlecocks, PVC grips, and a bag cover.

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Written on November 19, 2020
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