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7 reasons to buy a Nokia phone now

Nokia have a range of phones starting from most affordable budget phones to mid range phones and premium phones. But in each category, there is a better phone from other brand in terms of specs. Even samsung is now offering really compelling models with rich features to challenge the fierce competition from chinese brands like oppo, vivo, realme, xiaomi, poco etc

So why would someone buy a nokia phone when there is a better product available from literary every other brand. Following are some reasons to do it.

Notification Light is cool.

In mid range segment or even in premium segment, notification light is not a very common feature. You can make OLED screen / Some area of screen to work as a notification light, but dedicated notification light is not that common these days.

If you are a person who likes to have a notification light, most of the nokia android phones including Nokia 5.3, Nokia 7.2, Nokia 6.2 etc have a notification LED inside power button. This is a cool feature and makes these models stand out from other brands.

Android one & Updates.

Nokia android phones comes with pure android experience with very minimal changes. This is something that you cannot expect from any other brands, even from Samsung. Most of the phones in this price segment have bloatware. Some even show ads ! So it is refreshing to see pure android experience here.

Another benefit of Android one is that you are most likely to get OS and security updates for minimum 2 years.

Along with pure android experience, there is a dedicated google assistant button also. You cannot use this button for any other action by remapping it. So it is not that useful but still it is nice to have this if you use Google assistance regularly.

You may consider these phones as budget version of pixel phones, because of its pure android experience.

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Hate Notch, pop up camera & hole punch camera?

One cool thing about these Nokia models is that you can hide notch without losing much screen real estate. When we choose to hide notch, that space will not go to waste.

Small icons, battery and signal icons will be displayed on the areas on the right & left side of the notch. If you are a person who hates notches this is good news. You can hide notch without losing screen space.

Nokia Brand still holds value.

Nokia android phone brand now owned by HMD Global. But the brand name ‘Nokia’ still have value and is recognised around the world. This brand name will surely make it stand out from Chinese brands.

We can kind of hope that new ownership will also uphold promise of design and dependability.

Design & build quality – standout from others!

Samsung & chinese smartphones are most common in market. Because of this every phone looks the same nowadays. Design of flagship phones are now used in mid range phone also.

But in the case of Nokia, since the sales is low , there is not many nokia phones out there . This means your phone will stand out in the crowd. But low sales is not the only reason for this. Nokia android phones have a very distinct design & build. Other smartphone brands with distinctive design are Motorola & LG phones.

Little bit of Rebellion! Saying no to the wave of oppo, vivo, poko, realme and others.

If you are the type of person who hates chinese products and want to see the fall of China, this is the phone for you. Even if some of the parts are coming from China, Nokia is one of the few phone companies that is made in India.

Following is a quate from HMD Global stating that phones are Made in India.

‘We are the only European brand in the telecom ecosystem and we are proud of our Finnish heritage.” He added: “While our phones are designed in Finland, 100 percent of our devices are made in India.’

HMD Global

Compact phones!

Phones are getting bigger and bigger. Big screens are good for media consumption & gaming. But what if you don’t want a bigger screen? Options are limited in the mid range phone segment. Even Nokia phones have bigger screens now. But few options are available from Nokia with screens under 6 inch. Aspect ratio of nokia phones is little bit different from other brands, and it feels good in hands.

Written on September 11, 2020
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