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Stuck in safe mode android studio-clicking trust project not working

If you are stuck in safe mode of android studio, here is the solution. 3 easy steps to get out of this problem.

Stuck in safe mode android studio-clicking trust project not working

How to trust the project folder in Android studio - Stuck in safe mode?

Nothing happened after clicking “Trust project”?

I tried clicking the trust project option. Then added the project location to the trusted folder list. But still the trust project option was not working in android studio.

On top of that, “android view” was not loading in the “project view section”.

Problem: Stuck in safe mode in Android Studio. And trust projects not working in android studio.

My story

As I want to learn how to develop android apps, I spend a few hours messing with the android studio IDE almost every day.

I am slowly improving in this endeavor, but Every day is challenging.

Sometimes I end up spending hours solving a problem that has nothing to do with actual development at all.

Usually many learners face the same problem and the answer is a few clicks away.

But that was not the case today, solutions that were available on the internet did not fix my issue.

In this case someone else faced this problem and added this as a question in a forum but no solutions were available.

I finally figured out a solution. So in this post I am sharing my experience.

My computer is running Linux Mint and the android studio.sh is located inside the download folder. Project where saved in home/android projects. This is the default way and the ‘projects’ folder was automatically generated when I created a new app.

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Solutions - Android studio stuck in the safe mode?

Click on the “trust project”.

I guess that this option is not working and that is why you are here. But this is the obvious first step, therefore I included this.

Add the project location to the trusted folder list.

You can do this by going to file->settings/preferences -> Build, execution, deployment and trusted locations and the location where project files are saved.

You need to reload the project to see whether it is working.

Move project location to somewhere else.

I moved ‘my projects’ folder location to downloads where my parent folder of studio.sh was located.

Then reload the project / reboot the computer.

This is what solved the issue for me and I hope you solved this problem.

Quick solution -

Tried clicking on “trust the project” - did not work.

Added the project file location to trusted locations(file->settings/preferences -> Build, execution, deployment) - still did not work.

Moved the project folder to the same folder of where studio.sh is located and that solved the problem.

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Written on July 7, 2022
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Stuck in safe mode android studio-clicking trust project not working

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