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Alpha Forge Apollo Pack - Resistance Exercise Band Kit Review

Resistance band loops can be used for core, upper body & lower body exercises. These are best to engage muscles that are not usually targeted in a normal workout. These are most effective for training YOGA & Stretching.

Bands have resistance levels - Extra light, Light, Medium, Heavy and X-Heavy.

This is a set of 4 MINI resistance bands & 1 skipping rope. Available from Amazon at a price around 499 rupees. Brand name of this product is sourceforge.

They call this set as Apollo pack. Resistance band is best for stretching & skipping rope for cardio. So cardio & stretching can be covered.

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Alpha forge sells 4 Combos of resistance bands

  • Zeus Pack: 4 mini loop resistance bands, 1 travel bag, 1 speed jumping rope, 1 Thera band, & instruction manual
  • Apollo Pack: 4 mini loop resistance bands, 1 travel bag, 1 speed jumping rope & instruction manual
  • Athena Pack: 4 mini loop resistance bands, 1 travel bag & instruction manual
  • Thera Pack: 1 Thera band(42 inch) & instruction manual.

Previously this(Apollo Pack) was a set of 5 bands. But they now sell as a set of 4 loops. I assume Alpha Forge is a private label brand. They also sell products like phone covers also.

I actually bought it by mistake, but decided to keep it with me because it is useful. I thought of it as a big thera band(Usually around 40 inch loop). But these are mini resistance loops. So it cannot be used of for Heavy assist pull up, chin up etc.

Length of these mini loops when not stretched is only 30 cm. Width of all bands is 5 cm.

Set of 4 Resistance Exercise Band - Review

Set of 4 Resistance Exercise Band

Skipping rope included in this package costs around 200 rupees. So cost of resistance bands can be calculated around 300 rupees.

Length of each Mini Loop Resistance Band is 30 cm & width is 5 cm. The thickness of each band varies as they offer different resistance levels. You can stretch the resistance band to 2.5 times its original length which means 2.5 × 30 CMS.

Following is the resistance capacity of each band, as shown in product description vs my observation.

  • Blue: Blue loop band with 0.5 mm thickness (15 Ibs) - 10lbs
  • Yellow: Yellow loop band with 0.7 mm thickness (30 Ibs) - 20lbs
  • Red: Red loop band with 0.9mm (40 Lbs) - 30lbs
  • Black: Black loop band 1.1mm (50 Ibs) - 40lbs


  • Band is of relatively nice quality.
  • Rope is long & of good build quality.


  • Not for heavy workout, it will feel like small rubber bands if you are a really strong person.
  • Workout Guide Ebook link not working, they provided a link in the paper but not working. They say they will send it via contact but not received it either.
  • Some reviews seems like not written by real buyers.

Skipping rope review

Skipping rope from amazon pink

Loop of is really thin but is made with unbreakable steel wire, and is coated with pink plastic coating. length is 10 feet/3 meters. It is little bit difficult to cut it to match it with users height. If you buy this type of rope separately, it will cost around 200 rupees.

Amazon skipping rope quality test


  • Revolving mechanism works nicely & it looks like it will not get loose or break.
  • Wire is thin but heavy, so it will not be stuck in your feet if use with good momentum.


  • Little more thickness for rope would be good.
Written on October 4, 2019
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