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Amazon Global store review - importing to india

Amazon Global Store India – User Review

Amazon Global store review - importing to india

Amazon Global Store India – User Review

I bought a laptop (Asus Vivobook E203MA) from Amazon Global store. And my experience was good. But it is a little different process, compared to buying from local sellers of amazon India website.

So here is my review and buying experience from Amazon global store.

What is ‘global store’ inside of amazon.in

Amazon global store makes the process of importing consumer goods easy and convenient. You can buy from sellers all over the world. As a customer, buying process is same.

Price shown will be including of estimated customs duty and courier charges. You don’t need to pay anything extra even if actual cost is more than what we paid.

If customer paid more, it will be returned(very rare because you know;), after approx 1 month. At the time of delivery, you need to show your ID card / address proof.

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My experience with amazon global store India.

My package was Delivered by Aramex courier. Delivery address was Delhi, so it was delivered to me in 10 days without any problems.

Customs duty estimated by amazon was 6000 rupees. In my case, Aramex app showed duty as 6200. Even though it was more than what i paid as estimated customs, courier/seller/amazon did not charge me.

Buying process is same as that of normal purchase. Only difference is that, there is a some extra risk on you, as buyer.

Also you need to show your ID card at the time of delivery.

Problems you might face – Buying from Amazon Global Store

  1. Package being inspected by customs (Might tear outer packaging).
  2. Chance of mishandling by courier, or in worst case, package just disappearing (you will get money back from amazon in most cases, but some waiting time involved).
  3. Return process will be painful, you should send it back yourself(Not sure about return process).
  4. Warranty issues – in most cases you will not get warranty, also parts might not be available in local market.
  5. Compatibility issues (need an adaptor for power plug/electrical items, phone need to be unlocked etc).

Great reasons to go for Global store

  1. Will get a better quality – quality standard of country being imported from.
  2. Desired product / specific model can be imported in an easy way (Courier, duty everything taken care of without any risk).
  3. Price can be a good point to go for global stores(for example camera category).

So my conclusion

Sometimes you can get some good discounts compared to local sellers. It is a good reason to go for global store. Also you can buy products that are available only in foreign market. In these cases it is the best option available. And amazon makes it an easy process for customer.

But there is little risk involved in importing (most of which is covered by amazon itself). So there is no point in buying a product from amazon global store if same model is available in local market. Unless, price is low.

So go for amazon global store, if :

  • Desired product not available in Indian market
  • Desired model not available in india
  • Price is 5-10% or more cheap than that of amazon India store.
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Written on November 1, 2018
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