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Asianet Giba Fiber review -my experience of getting Asianet broadband 2021 Dec.

My review of asianet Giga fiber. And other details like web login username and password, activation and installation process.

Asianet Giba Fiber review

Review of Asianet Giga Fiber : my experience of getting Asianet broadband(Giga fiber) 2021 Dec.

I purchased a 6-month plan during Christmas offer 2021. So i guess i got the best plan. But there was a small delay in installation & activation because of high demand/holiday mood i guess.

I will share my experience of using Asianet Giga fiber broadband and share as much of details as possible in this post.

How it all started.

2 representatives from local Asianet franchise came to my house to promote their Christmas plan( Dec 2021).

One of them was selling internet plan while other one was promoting cable. There used to be a combo of internet and cable TV plan, but when I asked about it, they said not available.

I used to use BSNL broadband back in the day. Not very fast, but it was one of the few available options back then.

Then I had to move out to another state. So i cancelled BSNL plan. Then after sometime Jio happened, and it was enough data speed for my work usage.

I was using internet plans from my phone via hotspot. This was just good enough almost all work. Since I made no video calls or online meetings, I continued using phone internet since then.

After Jio, i started using BSNL 3g, as it gives similar speed to Jio 4g in my area.

Recently, all major telecom companies increased plan charges(Dec 2021). And speed it not getting any better.

So I thought it is right time to take a broadband

Asianet giga-fiber sales: plans & sales tricks.

Asianet fiber Christmas offer

Plans are priced strategically so that customers choose a long term plan. If you take only 1-month plan, you have to pay installation charge and modem/router charge.

These charges are highly variable and are just for the sake of pricing. If you go for 3 months or 6 months, there is no installation or modem charges(highly variable pricing based on location and demand).

So they will make you go for 3 months or 6-month plan to avoid the installation charge/modem charge.

Some plan examples - 399 plan for 6 month(special offer), 499 plan for 3 month, 700rs plan for 5 months.

They don’t talk about GST - Every time they talk about price, it is GST excluded, and some people will be surprised when 18% of GST is added to the price.

After collecting the details, photo and ID, they will send people for installation.

Asianet giga fiber installation.

Installation happened after one day.

Installation was done in busy manner - 2 people came(they have no connection to sales or customer service team whatsoever).

And they seemed very busy and did quick installation which took around 25 minutes. Called to make sure that the router PON light is green

Asianet broadband activation.

After installation and paying (https://payments.asianet.co.in/) the amount suggested by the representative, nothing happened.

Usually, activation happens on the same day. But it was Friday evening, so decided to wait and called them on Monday.

On Monday, when I mentioned internet not activated, the sales person recommended to call customer service. I hate calling customer care, but there is no other way.

Customer care sounded, tired & overworked, and fake with their bighearted intro and sign off, but better than BSNL employees, I guess.

They said it will get activated soon and complaint is filed. And internet got activated by the end of the day.

Asianet broadband default username & password.

Local web login dashboard

Made in China modem ZTE modem model name is - ZTEF660

Modem & other details - You will get a 12v charger, one 1 meter long RJ45 cable along with Wi-Fi router.

How to change Asianet broadband username and password - you can do this by logging in to the local web dashboard. Details of this given below.

How to view payment, user account & usage details - you can do this by going to the website - myabb.in(available after activation of your plan)

Username is the same as written on router(subscriber code). Password you can set by clicking forgot password option and using your registered phone number to receive OTP.

Wi-Fi password.

Wi-Fi password of new Asianet fiber connection is - written on the back side of the router.

Web login password(web dashboard) Asianet broadband fiber.

Local web dashboard URL -

Username - admin

Password - Web@0063

Asianet Giga Fiber Speed test: upload and download speed.

I am getting 75% of the speed they said I will get. I bought a plan that offers 39Mbps.

I get around 25Mbps download and 12Mbps of upload speed.

Conclusion: I think experience of service like broadband is totally relative. Your experience will depend on a lot of factors starting from location, type of employees in local office, technical issues in the local area etc.

Talking from my experience, I would rate 6.5 out of 10, because of above-mentioned reasons.

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Written on December 1, 2021
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