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Knee pain after playing badminton - no worries.

Prevention and cure. Knee pain is very common when someone starts playing badminton. But in most cases, it can easily be fixed.

badminton knee pain reasons and solutions

Knee pain is very common when someone starts playing badminton.

But in most cases, it can easily be fixed.

So there is no need to worry.

However, You must also be cautious.

Knees are a literal pain point for all badminton players. Not just for beginners but for professional players too.

Badminton player crying with knee pain

In fact, professional players suffer the most knee injuries, forcing them to retire early. For example, Wang Xin and Li Xuerui retired during the match and after reaching the finals.

Knee pain or injury in badminton players happens because of 3 common reasons,

  • Overuse injuries to the knee — This happens when someone suddenly starts playing badminton one day and doesn’t take proper rest or care. What you have to do is slow down. Take rest and drink a lot of water.

If the pain already started, you have to either completely stop(unfortunate) or go ahead with caution.

It is better to stop and start only after complete recovery. Otherwise, the pain will not go away.

  • Not stretching/taking care of knee — Prevention is better than cure. So take proper care after each game. 

Do some stretching and warm-up before starting the game. Make sure the body is recovering properly, especially in the first 2 weeks.

  • Accidents / Long-term strain — This is most common in professional and intermediate-level players.

This can happen even if you take proper care of your knees and ankles. At the professional level, long-term strain and sometimes accidents are unavoidable.

Take proper medical care and physiotherapy before it gets worse.

Preventing knee injuries while playing badminton.

Start slow

If you are new to badminton games, start slow and steady. Don’t overtrain on day one. 

The first 2 weeks are very important, so take extra care of your knees and elbows during this time.

Take it slow, plan for the long term and do a proper warm-up before starting.

Take proper rest between sets. Practice with clear long-term goals.

Shoes & gear.

Use a good pair of badminton shoes, or other sports shoes. Good shoes, especially those made for badminton will prevent strain on knees and ankles. 


Use ice packets or cold water for fast recovery. Do this every day after practice. Apply to the knee only or the whole leg.

Hot water 

Using hot/warm water for a bath after practice will help to avoid any knee pain in the first 10 days.

Knee sleeves.

Knee pads will give good support and prevent any strain on the knees. Compression knee sleeves are best for not only avoiding any future injury but also for avoiding any risk of damage.

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Written on October 31, 2022
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