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Best and cheap dumbbells Buy Dumbbell online in India

There are three main materials that weights are made from - Vinyl, Cast Iron and Chrome. Two types of dumbbells available are fixed and adjustable types.

Best and cheap dumbbells Buy Dumbbell online in India

Are PVC dumbbells good?

PVC dumbbells are widely available in online markets at a relatively low price compared to cast, chrome, steel or rubber coated dumbbells.

PVC dumbbells are available in both fixed & adjustable styles.

What makes these dumbbells different is weight plates. Weight plates in these dumbbells are filled with sand.

So, if you are planning to buy a set of pvc dumbbells, but worried about quality, size and durability of these type of weights, in this post, i will share experience using this type of product for few months.

So let’s have a look at the pros and cons of these type of dumbbells.

Cons of sand filled PVC dumbbells

  • These are bulk compared to regular dumbbells & it is difficult doing exercising for wrists.
  • Will break with harsh handling, may break with strong falls.
  • Threads are usually very stiff.
  • Rod is also of low quality.

Pros of sand filled PVC dumbbells

  • Low price, cheap
  • Can add more weights at a low price, and can be bought seperately.

So as a conclusion,

If you just need a nice looking dumbbells, at a relatively cheap price, go for it.

Buy if you regularly use dumbbells aggressively, like throwing them to floor after after doing reps, then these will break.

Or if you want dumbbells to last for decades, You should not buy these.

Dumbbell Buyers Guide

Many exercises, focusing all muscle groups can be done using a single dumbbell.

Experts say one can do whole body workout just with one pair of dumbbells.

This set of exercise goes like this:

Warm up → squat→stiff leg deadlift→ lying press→Lying fly’s→overhead press→lateral raise→bent-over rows → biceps curls→lying triceps extensions→abdominal crunches.

Choosing the right one - There are three main materials that weights are made from - Vinyl, Cast Iron and Chrome & 2 types of dumbbells available are fixed and adjustable types.

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Fixed dumbbells.

Pros of fixed dumbbells include Easy to hold, No sound while moving and finished designs. Most of fixed dumbbells is made with vinyl plastic and there for you can get them in different colours.

At the same time it has a main disadvantage that we cannot update the weight of dumbbell when we need to. Another problem is that it is not suitable for rough use because it will crack.

Adjustable dumbbells.

Adjustable dumbbells can be upgraded to more weight us you develop more and more muscle strength. Dumbbells are available (online) with weight options 1 kg to 25 kg.

You can get a set of fixed dumbbells for cheap price or spend a little more money to buy an adjustable one. And can increase weight with weight plates of cast iron or chrome.

Buying a good dumbbell is no more expensive anymore. Many cheap options are available online, if you are ok with a fixed type dumbbell then it would be more cheap.

Fixed dumbbells (weight fixed 1kg to 10kg)

Fixed weight Vinyl Dumbbell - 2 kg

Fixed weight Vinyl Dumbbell - 2 kg

Weight - 2 kg / pair, weight of single piece is 1 kg

Material - Vinyl, Colour - Dark red

Grip - No extra grip, Type - fixed

Shape - round

Vinyl Dumbbell - 6kg/Pair

6kg dumbbell vinyl- many cheap options are available

Price range in - Amazon

Weight - 6 kg / pair and 3 kilograms per single dumbbell

Material - vinyl, Colour - Dark green

Grip - vinyl grip, no extra grip available

Type - fixed, Shape - round

Vinyl Dumbell, 8kg/Pair

8kg dumbells 4kilogram/pair - buy fitness equipment online

Weight - 8 kg pair of dumbbells / 4 kilogram each single

Material - vinyl, Colour - Yellow

Grip - No extra grip

Type - fixed, Shape - round

Vinyl Dumbbells - 10Kg/Pair

10 kg dumbbells - Best price dumbbells

Weight - 5* kg* dumbbells

Material - vinyl

Colour - Available in different colours

Grip - vinyle, Type - fixed

Shape - round

Soft Iron Dumbbell - High quality Single dumbbell

Buy single dumbbell for exercise offer price

Weight - Available in different weight options from 1kg to 5kg.

Material - Soft iron, Colour - Black

Grip - Rubber

Type - fixed, Shape - round

Full Steel Chrome Dumbbells (1 to 25 kg)

Chrome Plated dumbell buy online - high quality dumbbells</a>

Weight - 2 kg dumbbells

Material - Chrome plated dumbbell

Colour - Steel, Grip - steel

Type - fixed non-removable

Shape - round

Adjustable dumbbells (weight - 1kg to 25kg)

Adjustable premium dumbbells

Hexagonal dumbbell adjustable premium

Weight - 1 to 15_ kg per pair __dumbbells, _Material - solid cast iron

Colour - Black, Grip - rubber grip

Type - Adjustable

Shape - hexagonal, 6-sided anti-roll design

Adjustable Dumbbell 5 kg with bag

HEAD Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell 5 kg offer price with bag

Weight - 5kg _dumbbells, _Material - cast iron

Colour - black, Grip - yes

Type - adjustable, Shape - round

7.5 Kg x 2 Pieces Dumbbells

7.kg weight lifting equipments

Weight - 7.5 Kg x 2 that is 15 kg per single dumbbell

Material - rubber Coated Dumbbells With Chrome Polished Bar

Color - Black, Grip - steel grip

Type - adjustable, Shape - Hexagonal

Coated Hex Dumbbell (1 Kg. to 40 Kg- optional)

Coated Hex Dumbbells with weight options (1 Kg. to 40 Kg.)

Weight - Available as 1 kg to 35 kilograms

Material -solid cast iron, Color - black

Grip - steel grip, Type - fixed

Shape - 6 sided (hexagonal)

10 Kg AdjustableRubber Dumbells

10 Kg AdjustableRubber Dumbells

Weight - 2,5 into 4 kg dumbbells

Material - iron, Colour - black

Grip - Rubber Grip (Solid Metal Rod) With Metal Bolts.

Type - adjustable with 4 weight plates, each weighs 2.5 kg

Shape - round

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Written on January 4, 2022
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Best and cheap dumbbells Buy Dumbbell online in India