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Best badminton books in India

11 basic rules and technique book, 4 autobiography books to learn from great champions, 3 advanced tips & techniques, 2 psychology book to train your mind and 17 classics & 2 books on badminton history.

Best badminton books in India

Following is a list of total 40 books on badminton, but I made it into different categories.

11 out of 37 is for basic rules and technique book, 4 autobiography books to learn from great champions, 3 advanced tips & techniques, 2 psychology books to train your mind and 17 classic books and 2 on badminton history.

Learn from badminton champions: Life stories & motivational.

These are motivating books on badminton. We know this for sure because these are written by world-class badminton athletes.

But don’t read these books with too much expectation. Most of the books in this category are disappointing.

Apparently, Champions don’t share their secrets & advanced techniques.

But you can get some motivation and a good mindset.

Pullela Gopi Chand: The World Beneath His Feat.

Shachi S. Sharma, 2011

Category: motivational, biography good for developing a winners mindset.

This is a biography(authorized) of Pullela Gopi Chand. It is an inspiring story for any one who want to make it in badminton.

While you may not find many tips that are directly applicable to the game, this book will help you develop the mindset of a champion.

Dare to be a Champion.

Lee Chong Wei, 2012.

Category: motivational, autobiography good for developing a winners mindset.

Persevere through hard times and never fails to come back as stronger.

This autobiography of Malaysian badminton player lee Chong Wei will definitely motivate any aspiring badminton player.

Playing to Win.

Saina Nehwal, 2012.

Read to: understand more about Saina Nehwal. Her story and some facts about her life.

Very short book by Saina Nehwal about her journey of becoming a badminton player.

Shuttler’s Flick: Making Every Match Count.

Pullela Gopichand, 2021

In his official autobiography, we meet Pullela the coach. Through his own voice, as well as those of his students, mother, and wife, we get a look at the mind that revolutionized the game.

We are shown not only what it takes to get to the top, but also, and more importantly, how to stay there.

Badminton Basics & rule books for beginners.

Badminton Fever 2: Advantages of Playing Badminton and How to Play Badminton.

Collin CHOI, 2018

Teach Yourself Badminton.

Priyanka Narang, 2007

Badminton Essentials.

Tariq Wadood, 2014

The Game of Badminton - The Rules and Tactics of a Singles Match.

G. S. B. Mack, 2011

Rule Book of Games: Badminton.

Leonida Weatherford, 2018

Badminton Handbook.

Bernd-Volker Brahms, 2010

Skills, Drills & Strategies for Badminton.

Donald C. Paup, 2000

Badminton: Steps to Success.

Tony Grice, 2007

Badminton for Beginners: Techniques, Tactics, Skills, and Drills for Shuttlecock Success.

Stephen Plitt, 2017


Mark Golds, 2002

Better Badminton

Carl H. Jackson

Advanced badminton techniques & tactic books.

High Performance Badminton.

Mark Golds, 2016

The Doubles Game in Badminton - With Chapters on Tactics and the Skills Needed

Badminton Tactics in Singles and Doubles Play.

Thomas Pattinson Dick, 2011

Books for badminton coaching, mind power & psychology.

These books will help you to be in the right mental state and handle the stress of performing smoothly.

The Badminton Psychology Workbook: How to Use Advanced Sports Psychology to Succeed on the Badminton Court

Danny Uribe M.A.S.E.P., 2017

Coaching Badminton 101

Carol Chen, 2009

Classic Badminton books.

These are books published before year 2000. These are old books, so you don’t need to read them to learn rules or latest tips.

But some of them are real gems and will teach you some secrets.

Any small advantage is very useful in a competitive sport like badminton.

So read these classic badminton books if you
are really passionate about badminton.

How to Play Badminton: A Step-by-step Guide.


The Encyclopedia of Badminton.

Pat Davis, 1987

Badminton for Beginners.

Ralph B. Ballou, 1992

How to Coach Badminton.

Jake Downey, 1990

Badminton Complete.

Pat Davis, 1967

Excelling at Badminton: A Practical Reference Manual for Players and Coaches.

Jake Downey, 1993

Badminton: The Skills of the Game.

Peter Roper, 1985

Winning Badminton Singles.

Jake Downey, 1982

The Art of Badminton.


Starting Badminton.

Judy Devlin, 1977


Roger Mills, 1975

Badminton: Technique, Tactics, Training.

John Edwards, 1997


Pat Davis, 1982


Sir George Thomas, 7th Baronet, 1936


Margaret Varner Bloss, 1966


James R. Poole, 1996

Badminton history books.

A Brief History of Badminton from 1870 to 1949

Betty Uber, 2011

The Guinness Book of Badminton

Pat Davis, 1983

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Written on October 15, 2021
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