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Top 10 best badminton grips in India

Here is my pick of 10 best of the best Sponge, Towel, PU, Grap & sports wrap for badminton rackets.

best grips for badminton racket

Grips are our connection to the racket. Controlling the racket becomes easy or difficult based on the grip type, size, thickness and quality.

This website is dedicated to finding the best badminton grips in-terms of quality and price available online in India.

  1. My pick of the best cushion grip for sweaty hands (affordable).

  2. Best grips for smashing/offensive style.

  3. Best grip for defensive playing.

  4. My pick of Best sponge/thin grip.

  5. Best anti sweat powder for badminton grip.

Why is badminton grips helpful? - grips help players to avoid blister, provides cushioning, help keep handle clean, avoid wet damage & obviously improve grip.

Top 10 best badminton grips in India.

There are hundreds of badminton rackets to choose from. Finding the best racket itself is a tiresome process.

But wait, then there are hundreds of badminton grips too. Yonex itself have 26 different grips.

So finding the best grip for you when you are a beginner is very difficult. Even advanced level players struggle with this.

But having many options is good because you can fine-tune your grip features to optimize performance & reinvent your strengths & reduce weakness.

How to choose the best badminton grip.

Below 100 cloth type, cushion wrap, for smash, clean, measure grip size, how to remove

Big hand vs small hand & Thick vs thin wrap - If u use very thick grips your palm muscles will tire quickly.

If you use very thin grips the racquet may slip from Your hand often.

Before buying a racket - Refer to following badminton grip size chart. You can choose the best grip size for your style this way.

Customizing badminton grip for you - Badminton grips can be effectively used to customize the grip size. Even if the default size is not suitable for you, using a grip wrap you can reduce or increase the size.

Grap vs grip - you can make fine adjustments on top of existing grip using grap wraps.

More layers of grips will convert the head heavy racquet to headlight feel and vice versa so choose the grip weight wisely

Badminton handle sizes and grip.

Yonex offers 5 different grip sizes but, other racket brands offer 2 or just one size.

Extra small- For yonex racket theses are represented by G5 which is around 3 inch. Most others don’t have extra small grip size.

Small - yonex G4 most common size which is around 3.25 inch.

Medium - Yonex G3 size while li ning it is s3.

Large grip - li ning size is s2 for yonex it is g2.

Extra large grip - Yonex G1 size.

Different types of badminton grips.

Base grip, Towel grip, PU Grip, Overwrap / grap(PU), sponge type thin grip ect are all different options available in the market.

Badminton grip - make materials & quality.

PU material

PU badminton grip

Good old polyurethane is used in wide range of products(thus contributing a lot to pollution) & in different physical qualities. While cheap PU grips are just plain material, good brands make them spongy & sweat absorbing.

Cotton/cloth material

victor cushion grip

Widely known as cushion wrap made with cotton or similar cloth material. This type of sweat absorbing towel grips hardens after sometimes. But good for a very thick grip.

Thin wrap / Sponge wrap

sponge thing wrap for badminton

Very thin layers of PU material usually comes as a roll having a width of 4 cm.

Sports wrap - made with grid cotton, grid paper or similar material, this can be used as a base wrap or second wrap on top of thin/sponge wrap.

Base grip, Good old electric tap - electric tape or sports tape or stretchy vinyl or PVC to prevent sweat getting to wood

DIY Badminton grip - you can actually use waste cotton to make awesome looking sweat absorbing grip. You don’t even need to apply any glue because threads will stick with each other.Or for better feel apply any generic glue. Don’t use superglue/glue for paper. Just start wrapping from the bottom of racket and keep going.

Badminton grip powder Badminton grip anti sweat powder

This is an awesome technique used by many advanced players. Using grip powder will increase the grip and give you more control.

When to use which grip - Most common grip types.

When to use PU - overall good material in terms of grip, sweat absorption, durability & Cotton/cloth materials - this is the best option for those who don’t care much about the extra thickness.

over grip or grap for badminton

When to use Thin wrap/Sponge wrap - thin sponge wrap can be used on top of base wrap for fine adjustments in the thickness and then use grap to get a very thin handle.

When to use Sports wrap - this is another thin cotton/cloth material but used on top of the base wrap as an alternative to thin/sponge wrap. Only difference is it absorbs more sweat.

When to use Good old electric tap - base wrap(that company uses) is made with stretchable PVC/venyl. You can buy this if base wrap is ruined. Or just use electric insulation tape.

When to use DIY Badminton grip - you can use good quality cotton cloth or cotton waste to use as a grip.

Best badminton grips for sweaty hands Anti slip.

Obviously, cotton seems best for sweaty hands. It is in fact the best option but, you have to replace more often.

This is because cotton/cushion wrap will harden after using regularly. So after a while it will lose the absorbing quality and need to be replaced.

Other option is the use of badminton grip powder along with PU grip.

Top badminton grip Brands & products.

Yonex - Super grap, super grap pure, super grap soft, wave grap, wave grap pure, nano towel grap, ultra thin grap, towel grip, tacky fit grip, moist super grip, dry tacky grap, water fit grap 2, clean grap, strong grap, hi tacky grap, hi soft grap, premium grip comfort type, premium ultimum leather grip, premium grip core type, synthetic leather exel grip, mesh grap, twin wawe grap, wel tacky grap, super grap tough, dry grap, synthetic leather tour grip.

Li-ning - Li-Ning GP-20 Over Grip, Li-Ning GP-25 Over Grip, Li-Ning GP-20 Boost Over Grip, Li-Ning GP-24 Over Grip, GP 20 Overgrip, GC 001 Double Layer Towelgrip -Yellow, GP-24 Over Grip, GP 19 Replacement Grip, GP 18 Replacement Grip

Nivia -Nothing from nivia. Even though Nivia is a really strong sports brand in India. Their focus is mostly on inflatable sports goods. So ya.

Adidas - Adidas spieler overgrip smooth tacky, Adidias spieler printed overgrip, Adidias uberschall overgrip.

Victor -Victor cushion wrap GR-50, victor C-1023A anti slip, Victor GR-338 towel grip, Victor Moisture absorbency gr223-10, gr-253-3, GR 233-3

Karakal - Karakal PU Super Grip, Karakal PU Super Air Grip, Karakal PU Super Grip Multi, Karakal PU Super Tribal Grip pack of 6 or pack of 12, Karakal PU Super Grip Duo, Karakal Point 75 Air Overwrap Grip, Karakal X-GEL Grip, Karakal X-TAK Overwrap Grip, Karakal X-DRI Overwrap grip, Karakal X-RIP Grip, Karakal X-TRA Grip, Karakal X-AIR Grip.


Ashaway - Ashaway towel grip, Ashaway soft grip, Ashaway round grip, Ashaway tekni soft grip, Ashaway super grip.

Cosco - Cosco extra life, Cosco dura soft.

Head - Head Xtreme Soft Overgrip.

How to apply/put badminton grip.

how to grip a badminton racket

When to change badminton grip - it is time to change the grip when it gets dirty, starts slipping from hand & becomes very stiff.

But before buying new grip, you can try to reuse the other side.

For this, remove it from handle. Then if it overlapped portion(which stayed inside) of last wrap is still good you can reuse it for few months. Just rewrap the other way around.

How to apply new grip.

Which side of racket to start wrapping from top or bottom - Almost everyone (read 90 % of players) start wrapping from the bottom of the badminton racket.

Which side of grip roll to start wrapping - Some people start with the thin part and end with the square area at cone.

Others start with square are at bottom and end with pointed part.

If started with square part you don’t need to use the sticker at the end to tighten(because thin part have adhesive). Otherwise, use the sticker at end.

60% of people start with square part, 40 % start with thin part. If you are confused, there is an instruction image on the product - refer to it.

Some people start with 2 round at bottom.

After wrapping some cut the end part to make it look cleaner.

Others wrap till the end of corn. But not recommended if it may affect the nature of racket.

Overlap - if you prefer more thick handle do half overlap. For thinner grip do quarter overlap.

Thin part first - real shape of badminton butt remains almost same. Thickness increase evenly.

Thicker bottom provides accidental slipping

If you used square part at the bottom & there is some extra, just bent it into the bottom or cut the excess part.

wrapping from top with square part first

Thick part first - default shape changes, if it is one turn the sudden drop in thickness is not there anymore. But you can solve this issue by & make it thicker by turning around twice but still

Image credits: ClubRackets.com, Yumo Pro Shop.

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