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Best drum practice pads in india

I wanted to purchase a drum practice kit with 3 or 4 pads to simulate an actual drum. But such a product is not available for a beginners budget in India.

I wanted to purchase a drum practice kit with 3 or 4 pads to simulate an actual drum. But such a product is not available for a beginners budget in India.

So after doing some research and calling a music store near my house, i purchased a drum practice pad from amazon.in . This one comes with a stand and is under a price range of 2000 rupees.

Price quoted by local store was 1200 only for practice pad(without stand).



This set comes with a 2 sided pad, sticks, stands & a carry cover – Buy From Amazon.

You have many options if you are planning to buy practice pad without a stand. I had only few options since i wanted a practice pad with stand.

I would strongly recommend you first buy a practice pad before spending money on acoustic/electric drum set or an octapad.Buy a costly drum set only after 6 months of using a practice pad. In this timeframe you can see how badly you want to continue learning drums.

Learning drum for fun is great, but once you take it seriously it is difficult to master rudiments. Like any other skill, It takes some practice and patience to master.

In most cases people will lose that initial enthusiasm after a few weeks. So my personal suggestion will be, to practice & become an expert in practice pad. And then only go for a full set. An acoustic drum set is not only a disturbance for everyone(especially while practicing), it also takes a big portion of your room, or studio.

You can find drum practice pad in 3 sets,

  1. Practice pad only.
  2. Practice pad with sticks.
  3. Practice pad with sticks & stand..

Some practice pads comes with inbuilt metronome, but it is not necessary if you have a smartphone. Just install an app or use the one that appear on google.

Following are some good drums practice pads available online in India(other than above option which i bought).

HIMANSHU MUSICALS Double Sided Drum Practice Pad

Update:this product is no more available online so check out this -> Clapbox Drum Practice Pad

This one is the most budget friendly option. Available around 500 rupees. This is 2 sided pad but does not include sticks. Size 12 inches. So this is best option if you already have drum sticks. Buy from flipkart with some offers – Link

legend’s Double Sided Drum Practice Pad

legends drum practice pad

This is also a 12 inch pad but comes with a pair of sticks & carry bag.

Buy from amazon - Link

Clapbox Drum Practice Pad

clapbox drum practice pad

This one does not include sticks or carry covering but is of good quality.

Buy from amazon

Written on July 17, 2019
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