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Best freestyle footballs in India.

Are you a freestyle football enthusiast? Look no further for the best freestyle footballs on the market! With high-quality materials and innovative designs, these footballs will take your skills to the next level.

Best freestyle footballs in India.
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There is a saying about camera that goes like this, The Best Camera is the One That is With You. Similar to that, the best football for freestyling is the one you have with you.

A master of this art can do amazing things with just regular cheap football.

But if you are planning to focus on freestyle in long-term, then choosing the right football that matches your need is very important.

Football that you choose for freestyle should be; exactly round(Sphericity & shape retention), it should have right bounce and preferably soft touch feel.

Freestyle footballs in Premium budget

Top end premium footballs are really good in shape retention & bounce. Most of them also have smooth surface suitable for grass ground.

That is why good match footballs are also good for freestyling. So it is easy to choose the best freestyle football if budget is not a problem.

Affordable footballs for freestyle

But when we come down to lower price range, it becomes more and more difficult to choose good football for freestyle.

In my opinion, to get the optimal conditions for freestyle. We have to avoid balls made for hard ground(hard rubber/synthetic rubber football), machine stitched & too heavy ones.

In this post, we are going to have a look at the best football for freestyle. In 3 different categories. Premium, mid range and affordable.

Premium footballs for freestyling price starts from 2000 to 3000 rupees and more. These are the best of the best options for really serious freestylers. Even if you have one of these with you you need another ball for training.

Midrange footballs for freestyling starts with a price range of 1000 rupees to 2000 rupees. These offers good of the both worlds and is best for training, and even competition and events.

Affordable footballs for free styling price starting from even low as 250 rupees to, 500 rupees and under 1000 rupees.

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Premium footballs for freestyling - Best of the best.

Why premium match footballs are best for freestyling? As mentioned above, premium footballs are made with precision & best quality materials for matches.

So these are the best for freestyling also. These are well made footballs with right bounce, shape and quality materials.

Best freestyle football from Cosco.

Cosco platina FIFA football

COSCO Platina FIFA - this is a FIFA approved hand sewn football. This is the most premium football offering from COSCO.

To get FIFA quality pro approval, ball have to go through 7 rigorous test under demanding conditions to ensure that the ball retains its shape and size for the duration of a Match.

Offer links to buy - Amazon, Flipkart, Cosco.

Honorable mention: COSCO is Munich football. This one is bonded football & is available under price range of 1500 rupees.

Best freestyle football from Nivia.

Nivia Ashtang

This is the best football from Nivia(freewill sports pvt ltd). Obviously a FIFA approved football and is used as Official football of ISL India. Made with best quality materials and official size, this football will be one of the best football for doing freestyling.

Nivia Ashtang with its 8 panel design and PU-Micro Leather construction is the most costly football in this list. MRP of this football is almost 4000 rupees, but you can get this football for around 2500 rupees from online market with some discounts.

Offer links for Nivia Ashtang football - Amazon, Flipkart.

Best freestyle football from Adidas.

ADIDAS Men’s Real Madrid Club Football.

Unfortunately not many football options are available from Adidas & it is better to avoid this one. Total 3 options are available. All of them are machine stitched, TPU footballs. But if you are really interested in this brand MEN’S ADIDAS FOOTBALL REAL MADRID CLUB BALL can be considered.

Offer link - Amazon

Best freestyle football from puma.

Puma 365 Hybrid ball Football

Puma also have minimum number of footballs to choose from(3 or 4 options). All of their footballs are recommended for training and recreational play.

But 365 Hybrid ball is a good option to consider. It is not the costliest football from puma(Actually it is available under 1000 rupees) but is really good in construction, shape retention & design.

Made in the sports city of SIALKOT(Pakistan) where a major share of footballs in the world originate from.

Original product link - Amazon

Best freestyle football from Nike.

Nike phantom

Nike official Indian website offers limited products only. It is also not practical to global site and ship to India, because of very high shipping costs.

Few footballs are available in Indian website. One of the best option to consider for freestyle football is Nike phantom football.

Best freestyle from decathlon(Kipsta).

Kipsta f900

Decathlon have wide range of Kipsta footballs starting from price of 300 rupees to 2000. Kipsta is one of the underrated football brand and offers some good quality footballs.

KIPSTA Football Ball FIFA Pro Size 5 F900 - size 5 football with FIFA Approval

Medium price range - good of both worlds.

Best freestyle football from Cosco below 1000 rupees

Cosco superstar football

COSCO superstar - This football is also a match level football but is available under 1000 rupees. How great is that! This is approved by FIFA in ‘International Match Standard Ball’ category. As an approved football by FIFA it is guaranteed that you get a football with best stability, shape retention etc.

Original product with offer link - Flipkart

Best frestyle football from Nivia below 1000 rupees.

Nivia latino football

So many different options are available from Nivia in this price segment. My pick is NIVIA Latino this is a great football with smooth finishing and qualities of a premium football. Soft touch & very good control and stability is good for doing extreme tricks.

Original Nivia Latino offer link - Amazon

Best from decathlon(kipsta) below 1000 rupees.

Kipsta F550

Kipsta F550 - This is the second best football from Kipsta and is available under 1000 rupees. Made with premium PU material, this football is almost similar to above mentioned Kipsta football and is a great bargain.

This football ensures air retention, stability, control and bounce etc. similar to top level football.

Affordable footballs for freestyling

It is cool to have top notch football with you but end of the day, it all comes down to skills & amount of practice you put into the sport. These affordable footballs are the best for hours and hours of practice you need to master the art of freestyling.

Best freestyle football under 500 from Cosco

Cosco roma football image
COSCO Roma for freestyle

COSCO Roma - is usually available right below 500 rupees. This is a very good football for freestyle training.

Cosco Roma is a molded size 5 football without any grain or texture. Made with rubber material, this football is available in 2 different color options. Molded design and good backing on top of butyl bladder ensures very good shape retention and air retention.

Buy from offer links - Amazon, Flipkart, Cosco Official website.

Best Nivia freestyle football below 500

Nivia Air Strike

Nivia country balls - are molded footballs available under 250/300 rupees. These are named after different counties like brazil, England etc. and are good if you are training on hard ground.

But for indoor training, or for training in wet, grass, ground, you can consider another 2 options.

Nivia Air Strike - Smooth PVC outer surface make it good for doing all different tricks where football comes in contact with skin. Not good for rough use in hard ground.

Nivia world fest - Technically it is exact same as Nivia Air Strike football.

Best football for freestyling from decathlon(below 300 rupees).

Kipsta f100

Football Ball F100 Size 4 - This is one of the best football from decathlon and is available under 300 rupees.

This one is in fact priced at 299. Size of this football is size 4 but like other KIPSTA footballs, this one is really well made & it’s surface really smooth(not for hard surface though).

Freestyling with different size footballs

Most of above mentioned footballs are official size 5. But to master the art of football freestyle you have to train with different sized footballs. Small footballs with size 4,3 etc. and also big ones.

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Written on April 14, 2021
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