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Best footballs in India under 500 rupees

This is a list of the 5 Best footballs available in India under 250,300,400 & 500 rupees. Hand picked from brands like Nivia, Cosco, Decathlon & other brands.

Best footballs in India under 500 rupees
Here - I present to you todays best offers on sports products(amazon).

Brand competition in the price range of Rs. 200 to Rs. 500 football category is super high. And almost all football brands like Nivia, Cosco, Vector etc have footballs in this price range.

So “Footballs below 500 rupees” is a fascinating category.

In this post, we are going to have a look at the Best - bang for your buck footballs you can buy in this price range.

Price of most of the footballs mentioned in this list are based on online price. So if you are buying from a local store, price may be higher. But still, almost all of below-mentioned footballs can be bought under 500 rupees in hand.

In this post we will consider footballs under five hundred rupees for both hard ground and soft ground.

Footballs under 500 rupees - What to expect

Since this is an affordable budget friendly price segment, you might think footballs in this price range are bad. But that is not the case.

Majority of people playing football in India play on hard surface without any grass.

And it is actually cost effective to make a football for hard ground than soft surface like grass.

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For playing on such hard conditions, you need a long-lasting football. One which can withstand harsh weather conditions & hard ground with small rocks and what not.

And for hard ground and rough conditions, football manufactures use hard rubber / Hard artificial rubber which is not as costly as PU or Natural rubber.

Low material cost of hard rubber plus moulded football making it possible to manufacture footballs at very low cost in India.

6 footballs for Hard ground below 500 rupees

Best Cosco football under 500 rupees

I already made a List of all Cosco footballs and we are going to select footballs from that list.

Cosco Thunder Football

Cosco Thunder

This is one of the latest offering from Cosco & it is usually available just around 450 price range. This football is rubber moulded & size 5.

Available in different colour options, it is dimpled on the outer surface(inward dimples instead of outward grains).

Good enough grip and suitable for playing on both hard and soft ground.

Best Nivia football under 500 rupees

I already made List of all Nivia footballs to understand all footballs from Nivia. It is not possible to buy all models of footballs for reviewing, but good news is that many footballs from sports companies are similar in terms of make material.

Nivia Trainer Football - Size: 5 (Pack of 1, White)

Nivia trainer image

One of the best footballs from Nivia sports that you can buy around the price range of 400 - 500 is Nivia Trainer football. This is one of the first football i bought for myself.This is machine stitched and comes without any grains.

I will not actually recommended this for very rough conditions. Also this football is an old model. But sometimes this one is availble around 400 rupees and it is a good deal for that price.

Best Nivia football under 250 rupees

Nivia country footballs(Comes with many designs but are the same.)

Nivia france football

Not always available under 250 rupees but if you wait for the right moment, you can buy Major difference between different country footballs is the design. Many designs for example: Brazil, Argentina, England etc are available.

Best Victor football under 250 rupees

Vector X Attacker

Vector X Attacker

Victor also have many footballs(surprisingly around 40 different models last time i checked their website.But one football under 250 that i personaly reviewed is vector x attacker.

This football is made with hard rubber and is good for recreational playing in the evening. Following is the unboxing and first impression.

Best Footballs for soft/grass ground under 500.

Most of above-mentioned footballs are specifically made for hard ground conditions. While such footballs last longer in rocky playground, make material of some of these footballs will cause some problems.

When a brand chooses hard rubber/artificial rubber for making a football, there is a trade-off.

Hard rubber will not give the best bounce, shape retention or soft touch. If you are playing on a soft surface, it is recommended to buy either a football that is not too hard or one that is made for playing on soft ground.

Few footballs in the above list works best in soft grounds also. But following are some of the footballs you can use for playing on soft ground.

Because of budget under 500 we cannot get PU options. But following are well-made footballs you can use on grass ground. These are also good for using as freestyle footballs under a budget.

Best decathlon footballs under 500 rupees

Decathlon sports products are underappreciated in India. Most sports enthusiasts know about their stores and website. But many regular people don’t know much about them.

Decathlon have the benefit of being a multinational company. Their products are of high standard and quality. Online store experience will not be that great because of shipping cost and similar shipping time, but if you are planning to buy any sports item, it is recommended to check out their online/offline store.

Kipsta Football Ball F100 Size 5

Decathlon football F100

This football may be the best football(below this price) if you are playing on a grass ground.

This football is well made by hand. Hand sewn footballs are getting very rare these days and are limited to premium category.

So if you are a lucky junior player with access to a nice grass ground go ahead and buy this football.

Link to buy this - decathlon football.

If your budget is little more than 500 rupees, then your next option is Kipsta 5 F300.

Flipkar Adrinex football

Adrinex football from flipkart

Adrinex is a brand sponsored by Flipkart itself. I made a detailed review of this product in my YouTube channel. You can see the unboxing and initial impression below.

This football is good for soft grass ground and it is of standard quality. Not too well made but good enough to use for few months.

You can get some good offers sometimes you can buy this under 250 rupees.

Force one

Force one football

This football deserve a honorable mention in this price category. Even though not as famous as brands like Cosco. This football is a good option to use in soft ground.

Best Cosco football under 250 rupees

Cosco country football

Cosco country football

Berlin, Cuba, Croatia, Rio, Belgium, peru etc are all available in the average price range of 250 rupees. All of these are PVC footballs and suitable for age group under 15. These are good for soft and even wet ground with grass.

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Written on February 24, 2021
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