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Best gifts for newborn baby in India

Following is “the ultimate newborn welcome checklist-List of all baby products“, everything you need to welcome & take care of baby in the best way!. Join our e-mail list to get latest offer updates from 5 different online stores in India as they become live.

Best gifts for newborn baby in India

Following is “the ultimate newborn welcome checklist-List of all baby products“, everything you need to welcome & take care of baby in the best way!. Join our e-mail list to get latest offer updates from 5 different online stores in India as they become live.

Baby product offers: Amazon, Flipkart

Usually people go out in a rush for shopping on the arrival of newborn. Outcome of this unplanned shopping will be a pile of low quality products, that cannot be used for long.  And will lose of a lot of money. You can avoid this confusion and also save some money if prepared in advance. Following is the ultimate baby welcome list, arranged in order of necessity.

Things you need with you at the arrival of newborn in Hospital

Best clothes for babies in India

Including socks, mittens and hat

You would need 5-10 small clothes, 4 pair of socks, 2-3 pair of hats and 2 pair of mittens (small hand gloves for baby).

  • Good clothes for newborns
  • Best and cheap mittens for babies
  • Good hats for kids

Wet wipes

Wet wipes are needed to clean gentle skin of new born. These are unwoven and antiseptic clothes that we can use to clean newborn babies. You would need minimum 2 standard packets of baby wet wipes for first month itself. Read more about best wet wipes brands in India

Baby ointment

Baby ointment for rashes or any small injuries. Usually given from hospital.


One of the most important thing you will need to take care of newborn babies will be Towels / blankets. You will need minimum 3,4 or more, to use in different situations. Buy towels in different sizes and types in comfortable materials. You can buy towels online with many price discounts and offers.


Diapers in different sizes extra small/new born, small, medium, extra small etc are will be needed, based on weight and age of baby.

  • Reusable diapers

  • Single use diapers

Hand hygiene

Make sure to use hand sanitizer or hand washes like Dettol before touching baby. This will help to get rid of germs. I t is a good practice to use  anti bacterial lotions like Dettol after “washing baby clothes”.

Which is the best hand hygiene for handling babies.

Baby soap and shampoo

Tear free natural shampoo or just use normal soap.  Read about best baby shampoos to online in India.

Baby oil – Which oil is good for babies

You can buy baby oil from top brands or go for locally available or prepare in home. There is no reason to go for branded products in Market, when made made pure oils like coconut oil or any other oil made in home is available.

Baby bath tub & changing table/sheet

To bath baby you would need a bath tub. You can use a

Best baby Powders in India

Any powder from top brands will do. But babies may not like a particular powder, just  because of smell or because of irritations. So apply small amount of powder for testing first. And choose from different brands.

Net/sleeping bags

If you are living in an area with mosquito it is highly recommended to buy sleeping bag, or full bed net. Baby sleeping bag will also help child not getting stuck inside big blanket

Best babies sleeping bags in India

Best babies sleeping nets in India


Is it a necessity to buy thermometer for baby? Yes it is. While taking vaccination or in a normal way newborn may get small fevers. If you know how to use thermometer, you can know what is happening, and take action accordingly. Learn to use an electronic, manual thermometer from Doctor.You can get one with very low price from local store or online like following few.

  • Dr.Morepen gigiclassic MT101
  • Dr.Trust DT-025

Things you need later on

Feeding Bottles

Feeding bottles can be used after 6 months. Checkout few best feeding bottles available online in India.

Night light

Newborn will get disturbed by small sounds and bright light in the night. At the same time, you cannot go completely dark by switching off lights. To create a calm atmosphere, good Night light or Coloured LED lights could be used at night. Dont go for Zero volt bulbs, because better options in terms of power consumption & light quality are available now.


After 1/2 months you can use a gentle comb to style, massage and remove any thick skin (dry patches) in baby’s scalp. You can buy a small plastic comb or even an ayurvedic comb specially designed for massaging.

Nail care

You should cut nails with a small newborn special nail cutter as they grow. If nail is grown, baby will scratch himself/herself on face & body and will make injuries to skin or eye. Get a small nail cutters from local store or have a look at baby nail cutters at amazon, flipkart, snapdeal.


Stroller and slings. Front hanging and back hanging slings are available.

Sterilisation kit

Tired of manually sterilising feeding bottle and other things ? Have a look at these good sterilisers, which can be used for other purposes also.


Babies will already start sucking and biting palms from 2 month itself. You can get pacifiers or just continue using mittens.

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Written on March 31, 2017
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