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Best mass gainer for skinny guys

For skinny guys looking to gain weight in a safe manner, these mass gainer products are excellent supplements that can give good results.

Best mass gainer for skinny guys

How can i gain mass in my body? Or more specifically, How do i gain mass without getting fat? This is a very common problem faced by skinny guys.

So our goal here is to gain mass on arms, legs, chest, biceps & on body in general but without getting fat, which is worse than being skinny.

Many guys are facing this issue. Some people are struggling with more difficult challenge of getting mass after shredding fat. And here is great news for those who want to gain mass. Gaining mass is totally achievable with proper diet and exercise.

You will start to see good results from first month itself. In fact it is lot easier than losing weight. Gaining mass is totally achievable by any skinny person. In most cases, genetics is playing a role in keeping you skinny. But with proper training in your home or gym, you can achieve great results.

Challenge of getting bulk.

Getting bulked is one of the reasons to go to gym (or workout at home). But without proper diet, it is only going to get worse, for thing slim males. So yes, growing muscles and making your skinny look vanish requires you to do both exercise and diet.

Now lets see discuss a little about genetics and different body types, so that we can plan our getting bulk journey accordingly.

Skinny fat body type in males - Ectomorph

Skinny fat body type in males - Ectomorph

Most of the slim guys struggling to get bulk have genetic body type of Ectomorph. Reason for not getting weight is, high rate of metabolism.

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There is good and bad parts of having this body type.

  • Good news is you can gain muscle if you work out according to your body type. People having this body type should avoid too much cardio and too much weight lifting.

  • Drink more water and get enough sleep.
  • Eat enough food and take best supplements (list of good options given in below list).

When you grow muscle mass, it helps you gain weight and will look strong.

Gaining mass is totally achievable with proper diet, mas gainers and exercises.

Mass gainers are products that contain calories. They come in the form of a powder, which has high calories and contains proteins. This is a supplement you take to gain weight.

Are you skinny and always wanted to look strong with muscles? Do you feel shy talking to girls because of your skinny physique? Have you tried lifting weights and still not been able to gain weight? If your answer is yes, then it’s clear that you need to look for an innovative way to gaining mass.

Ideally, these products need to be taken early morning with water or with milk (preferably skimmed milk). You can also take it after a workout.

Make sure you work out when you take mass gainers as you may gain fat instead of muscle if you don’t work out. These powders don’t contain steroids that could harm your health. You can consult your doctor before trying them out.

Here is an overview of some popular mass gainers in India without side effect in the markets: For skinny guys looking to gain weight safely, these mass gainer products are excellent supplements that can give good results.

How to avoid side effects while taking supplements for body building

Mass Gainers for Skinny Guys in India

1) Muscle Blaze Mass Gainer XXL

 Muscle Blaze Mass Gainer XXL

This is one of the most popular mass gainer products in the market. It delivers 1000 calories and 24g protein for 3 servings a day, taken with milk. You can take it with water also. It comes in chocolate, café mocha, vanilla, and cookies & cream flavors.

Add 75 g powder to 180 ml skim milk or water, blend well and take thrice a day. The product is made at FSSAI and HACCP certified facilities.

2) ON Serious Mass

<img loading=”lazy src=”/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/ON-Serious-Mass.jpg” alt=”ON Serious Mass” />

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass provides 1,663 calories and 254g carbs per serving. It makes use of creatinine and L-Glutamine.

It has no added sugar in it. It comes in banana, chocolate and vanilla flavors. Add two scoops of powder to 710 ml low-fat milk, blend and consume with ice cubes added to it. You can consume between meals, after a workout or just before bed.

3. Muscle Tech Mass Tech Extreme

Muscle Tech Mass Tech Extreme

This contains 100% whey protein and has 2,060 calories and 60g protein per serving. It comes in triple chocolate brownie flavor. Mix 3 scoops with 300 ml water or milk. Blend and take twice daily, preferably after a workout for best effect.

4. Sinew Elevate Mass Gainer

Sinew Elevate Mass Gainer

This mass gainer easily dissolves in milk or water and comes in chocolate, coffee, banana and vanilla flavors. Add 3 scoops to 3000 ml milk or water. Spread the usage three times a day morning, noon and night. It has a 64g carb and 20g protein per serving.

5. Endura Mass Gainer under 1000 rupees

Endura Mass Gainer under 1000 rupees

Endura Mass Gainer is 100% vegetarian and comes in chocolate, banana, strawberry and vanilla flavors. 3 spoons powder to be added to 1 glass milk or water and taken thrice a day. It is a natural anabolic booster.

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Written on January 27, 2019
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