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10 Best heavy punching bags online in India

Get the best deals on Punching bags, from online stores. Here is the list of 5 Best, quality punching bags you can buy. Available under 1000, 2000, 3000 and 4000 rupees.

10 Best heavy punching bags online in India

Heavy punching bags can be used in different ways. While professional boxers use it for higher-level skills, many fitness enthusiasts use it for cardio.

What equipment do you need for boxing?Boxing shoes, Jump rope, Boxing gloves, Hand wraps, Sparring Head Gear, Mouth Guard, Heavy Bag, speed bag, Punch Mitts, workout clothes, Goin protector.

For boxers, heavy punching bag along with speed bag & Punch Mitts are best for developing power, techniques, timing, speed etc. Anyone interested in fitness can use a heavy punching bag for cardio, practicing punches & kicks.

This helps the boxer to be fit and at the same does not lead to unnecessary muscle gain. At the same time, punching bags also help in building muscle. Not just bulk muscles without any strength, it is like ‘purpose build’, powerful muscles for punching.

Heavy Punching bag - Frequently Asked Questions

Are punching bags good exercise? Yes, Punching a heavy bag is a good exercise. But you need to use proper techniques & a good hand wrap or gloves.

Do punching bags build muscle? Punching bags, when done properly will promote muscle growth, power & speed.

Do punching bags help lose weight? A punching bag workout can burn significant calories - about 450 per hour for a 70 kg person. It will help to improve upper-body strength & strengthen bones and ligaments.

Do punching bags come filled? Both filled and unfilled punching bags are available in offline/online stores. Or it can be filled with grains, sand, rags, or similar materials.

What do punching bags help with? Punching bags will help in enhancing fitness, core strength & stability, coordination, stamina, and it will improve endurance.

How punching bags are made? Punching bags are made of either leather, canvas, vinyl etc.

What’s in punching bags? Filling of punching bag can be done with grains, sand, rags, or similar materials. Crushed powered tyre is also a good option.

Using punching bags daily to practice along with other exercises is a good way to stay fit. And is also a good exercise.

The main reason it is used is to develop muscle endurance. By repeatedly punching a bag, it develops strength in the hand muscles. This is very much important for a boxer. It is also a good fitness activity, which can be even done by amateur boxers, who want a good cardio routine. It is estimated that you can burn around 600 calories per hour using a punching bag.

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Types of punching bags

There are two categories of punching bags for boxing practice – speed bags and heavy bags. Different size, design etc. are also there in each category.

The speed bags are good for a boxer to train on being quick in the ring. It is lightweight and would be at eye level, just like an opponent. Training on it is mainly to improve speed. The heavy bag is large, and it is used to develop power.

Different sizes, shapes and designs.

What is the difference between speedball, jumbo, maize ball and uppercut bags?

Punching bags are available in many sizes. You can choose one that suits your need & availability of space . Heavy punching bags are available from 2.5 feet(best for kids) to 5 feet.

How is punching bags made? What are make materials?

Best brands for buying punching bag: some good models are available from different brands. But when it comes to buying punching bag, it is better to look at make materials, quality of stitching, size etc than only brand name. Better the make quality & materials, longer it will last.

What are punching bags made of? Best of all make material is Natural leather, and it costs the most. It gives the best feeling while punching, and will last for a long time(if stitching and build quality is good).

Second-best thing is artificial leather or PU material, it is also good and long-lasting. Another common material used to make punching bags is canvas, it is not good as leather or PU, But in some cases it is use

If you want a punching bag and want to buy it online, which are the best options for you. Here’s a guide to help you:

1. Hard Bodies Synthetic Leather Punching Bag

Hard bodies punching bag - one of the best punching bags online in india

This is a high quality bag made from synthetic leather. Its size is 36 by 12. It is available in black & red color combination. When you buy it online from eCommerce stores, you can get the bag with a hanging chain for easy installation at your home.

It weighs 20 kg and is filled with cotton. Hard bodies punching bag is one of the best punching bags online in india.

This punching bag is in a price range of 2000 rupees -2500 rupees.

2. Body Maxx Boxing Filled Punching Bag

Priced under 1500 this is more budget friendly punching bag

This punching bag is more budget friendly one within a price range of 1000 to 1500.

This punching bag is available in different size options. Starting from 30 to 46 inches. Price range is between 1000 and 2000 based on product size. Its largest product version “large-sized punching bag” is 48 inches long in size and weighs around 20 kg.

It is filled with cotton. It is available in multiple colors in black, red, and blue. It comes with a chain for easy installation. It can be bought from online stores and costs around 1,500.

3. Genric 4 feet Unfilled Canvas Punching Bag

Genric 4 feet Unfilled Canvas Punching Bag

This punching bag is 4 feet (48 ”) high and is unfilled canvas bag. It is unfilled and the user can fill it with cotton waste or sawdust, as per their requirement. It has a chain for easy fitting. It can be bought from online and costs around 1500.

4. Monika Sports 5 feet red boxing bag

Monika Sports 5 feet red boxing bag

This boxing bag is even more affordable and is priced under 1000 rupees. But this one is not filled. You need to fill it with cotton or any similar material.

This punching bag is larger. It is 60” – 5 feet in size. It is an unfilled bag and you can fill it with cotton or sawdust as per your convenience. Furthermore, it comes in red color and has a chain to fit it in a convenient way. It is made of synthetic leather. It costs an amount under 1500 rupees when bought from online stores.

5. Protoner BAG3 Canvas Punching Bag

Protoner BAG3 Canvas Punching Bag

This punching bag is made from canvas cloth. It weighs 25 kg and is 42” by 16” in dimension. It has hanging chain and comes with a pair of boxing gloves. You can buy it for around 3000 from top online stores.

Make material is Canvas & it comes filled with cloth material. This punching bag Comes with hanging chain and a pair of punching gloves. This bag can hold an approximate Weight of 25 kg. Dimension is 16-inch x 42-inch approximate.

6. Aurion 1515 Synthetic Leather Boxing Bag

Aurion 1515 Synthetic Leather Boxing Bag

48-inch punching bag, 4 feet, Make material synthetic leather, can hold weight upto 25 kg. Good for beginners.

7. CSI Boxing Punching Bag Unfilled

Material- GENUINE STRONG SRF. Color Options available in RED/BLACK, 48 Inches- 4 feet, unfilled
Double stitched for durability

8. Aurion Filled Heavy Punch Bag 4 FEET

Aurion Filled Heavy Punch Bag 4 FEET

Good quality material filled punching bag along with chain. Avoids to had rashes on your hands while punching the bags. Available in assorted colors red, blue, black no color choice. In-Box Contents: 1 Punching Bag with Hand Wrap

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Written on February 9, 2020
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