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Best sports Knee Pads available in India

Knee protectors are of main 3 types. Knee pads, knee sleeves and knee braces. Different sports need different type of pad in terms of material density and flexibility.

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What is the difference between knee pad, sleeves and braces?

Knee protectors for high risk sports (bike racing, mountain cycling etc) are made with extra density material.

While knee pads for basketball/volleyball, running does not need high density. Volleyball knee pads have bigger padding compared to basketball knee pads ( which have longer knee caps & shin protection.)

  • Knee pads - extra thickness over kneecap area.
  • Knee sleeves - don’t have extra thickness at knee cap area
  • Knee braces - Used for protecting damaged knees from more risks and fixing it.

10 best knee pads for volleyball, basketball etc

There are different types of knee pads available in market. Some focusing on injury Reduction, some for knee support or increased Performance. Using knee pads is a good practice while playing volleyball, basketball, hockey, football or any other sports that may cause a sharp blow on your knees.

Danger is that, knees have very little protection own its own. And risk increases if knees are on bend position while hitting. While buying a knee pad choose one which is comfortable, and durable.

Knee pads are available from different brands in variety of colours, sizes and designs. Black is the most commonly used colour.

Why should you wear knee pads for volleyball/basketball? While playing volleyball we may take quick lunges or dive for ball. If knees are not protected it will result in an injury. Pads will also give a good support for knees by reducing chance of overextending the knees.

And will increase your overall energy and confidence because of increased comfort. And ultimately will improve your performance. And as a final note preventing injuries is way better than spending a lot of money & time on health-care.

5 Best knee pads for Volleyball, football, basketball and more sports {#1}

Commonly used while playing football, hockey, volleyball, basketball, cycling, skating etc. Following are the list of few best knee pads available online in India.

1. Padded Knee cap supporter

Knee cap Padded In oval shape

2. Knee cap Padded In oval shape

Knee cap Padded In oval shape

3. PS Pilot - Padded Knee pads

PS Pilot - Padded Knee pads

4. Motorcycle riding knee and elbow guard

Motorcycle riding knee and elbow guard

5. Moulded knee pad knee support

Moulded kneepad knee support

4 Best Exercise/weight lifting, running - knee sleeves {#2}

Can be used for protection of knees while exercising, weight lifting(straps and wraps for weight lifting), practising martial arts, playing badminton, tennis, dancing etc. following are the best knee sleeves.

  1. Tynor Knee Cap - Large (Pair)
  2. VIPER Compression Knee sleeves
  3. Nike Open Patella Knee Sleeve
  4. Elastic (Bamboo Charcoal Fiber) Knee Support

4 Best Knee braces for protecting injured knees {#2}

  1. JoyFit Stabilizing Knee Brace For Compression and Knee Pain Relief
  2. Tynor Pattelar Support - Universal
  3. Flexible Full Knee Support Brace with Velcro Strap
  4. Noova Knee Support Wrap Pad, Black
Written on October 21, 2016
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