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Best Light sensor led lights in India (switch on automatically in night )

Day light sensing LED Lights comes under smart lighting technology lights. Smart lighting is a technology designed for saving energy and improving efficiency.

This is achieved by using high efficiency fixtures or automated controls that make adjustments in lighting based on certain conditions. Conditions may be occupancy or daylight availability.

Motion sensing led lights also comes under this category. Here is a list of best motion sensor led lights available in India.

Light sensor led bulbs are very useful because of 4 reasons. First of all these bulbs saves a lot of electricity. It is not necessary to switch on these lights in the evening.

Then switch off at morning. It becomes more useful when you are on a vexation or a trip and there is no one in home. We can just install and then forget about it. Daylight sensing bulbs are good for Gardens and outdoor lighting also.

We can see that price of LED lights are still high in India (Comparing to CFL Lights). Motion sensor/light sensor lights are even more expensive than normal bulbs.

We can hope price will come down because of led revolution in India. But we can find a bunch of very good light sensing lights in Rs-500 to 3000 Range. Following is a list of the best daylight sensing led lights.

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Written on August 8, 2020
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