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10 best footballs in India Under 1000 rupees.

Are you in search of the best footballs in India for under 1000 rupees? Look no further! We've rounded up the top 10 options for you. With high-quality materials and innovative designs, these footballs will take your game to the next level.

10 best footballs in India Under 1000 rupees.
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Choosing the best soccer ball in India

Choosing the right soccer ball is not that easy as it seems! Also, Price is not the sole factor while choosing the right ball.

There are a different variety of balls which are available in the market. This article throws light on what can be some factors while choosing the ball.

Make Material of soccer ball

Poly Vinyl Carbonate(PVC) and Polyurethane (PU) are common artificial materials used to make footballs. Natural materials like rubber and leather materials are also widely used in football making.

PU balls are softer and is used for Premium and other high-end matches. PVC is cheaper than PU, and it lasts longer and is used for indoor, futsal and street football.

But it is not that simple, there are many factors involved. So choosing the right football to suit the playing levels and conditions requires considering of various things.

Official Size of football(IMS)

Official size of football is specified by various organizations like FIFA; in terms of circumference & weight of ball. According to official document from FIFA  football circumference should be 68 to 70cm and weight in the range of 420 to 450 grams.

Choose the Correct size football

You might be surprised to know there are various types of Footballs, namely, Premium Match Balls, Training balls, Turf Balls, Indoor Balls, Futsal Balls, Beach/Street Balls.

There are different size options in football. Young players use size three, Teenagers use size 4 and adults use size 5. It’s important to use these same size of balls while practicing. This way you can get used to the ball.

Bladder of the ball - While buying Football, keep in mind that the bladder of the football is also important as it gives them shape and the movement. Butyl bladders are used in cheaper balls and Latex bladders in the high-end ones. Hence, choose accordingly.

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Sewn or glued football

When it comes to quality, a ball that hand stitched ball tops in quality. There are many highly skilled workers sew with high precision. Cheap alternative to hand stitched football is machine made ones.

Don’t buy a glued football that are available at cheap price(unless manufacturer is using high-end technology which will be very costly). Also look for balls with a FIFA approved logo.

The Best Soccer ball Brands in India

There are many popular brands such as Nike, Puma, Adidas, Select, Vizari, Brine, Voit, Umbro, Nivia, Cosco etc. But it is not necessary to go for a branded one. You can also find good Footballs at cheaper prices but you need to have an eagles eye to get the right one.

Following is the list of best selling footballs available online in India, that you can get with some discount and offers, from top online stores.

Top 5 best footballs to buy from top brands in India & Offers!

Please make sure that you are not buying replica of original, confirm with stores/sellers before buying.

Nivia Storm Football

Nivia storm size 5

Available in 3 colors. Yellow, orange and white. Size - 5

Nivia Street Football

Nivia street football/soccerball

Available in black color. Features All Ground, All Weather
Construction : Rubberized, 32 Panels, Hand Stitched, Re-Enforcement : 2 Layer polyester

Adidas MUFC Football

Addidas football

Outer Material: Thermoplastic Polyurethane, Weight: 355 g, Stitching Type - Hand Stitched

Adidas X GLIDER II Football

Addidas football glider

Outer Material: Thermoplastic Polyurethane, Weight: 390 g

Adidas Brazuca

Addidas football used in world cup football

Brazuca is a famous brand from Adidas which was used in the world cup. It is a good material which is tried and tested on all kind of surfaces. This ball has got high abrasion resistance because of which it can perform well in tough surfaces.

Adidas Finale 13

Adidas football

This ball was manufactured to honor Read Madrid’s 10th Championship title. It has got thermoplastic polyurethane because of which it is more durable. There is no need of refilling air in the ball as it is made of butyl bladder.

Adidas Messi

adidas messi football

Adidas Messi is for Messi football fans. It is light in weight and has got excellent features. It is good for players who like to play attacking football.

Nike Strike

adidas strike football

This ball is a hit among the football lovers. It has got a machine stitched body and has a very good design. It is an official ball of the Barclay’s Premier league. The ball is very attractive and is durable.

Nivia FB 278

Nivia FB-278 Football

Nivia is a popular brand in India. The FB-278 brand is loved by football lovers because of air-locking feature which prevents leakage of air. It has got a latex bladder. It can withstand powerful shots because of the high abrasion resistance feature.

You need to select a ball on the basis of your need. It is always good to take the opinion of an expert football player who can guide you while choosing the ball.
Hope you chose the right one!

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Written on April 14, 2021
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