How to repair a scooter at home – Scooter not starting.

Before “starting”, make sure you are not ignoring most basic things. Because sometimes we forget simple things. New Fuel is available in tank & holding left brake lever while pressing start switch. Engine oil – No engine oil(even a small leak will drain whole engine oil in a period of few months), oil filled more […]

How to change spark plug in Mahindra gusto scooter

Recommended Plugs : Standard: “UHR4CC” – Spark plug gap – 0.7mm Step 1 – Remove the spark plug cover (1) near floor board and luggage box. Disconnect the spark plug cap Clean any dirt from around the spark plug base. Remove the spark plug(2) using a spark plug tubular spanner with attachment of wheel nut […]

Best ways to promote an educational institute

Be it a training institution, skill training or even a tuition centre, Only way to survive as a new player in teaching industry is by getting more and more students to classroom. It is not easy to get classroom full or people , especially when you are brand new institution. Here are some smart moves in […]

Quick and easy way to learn / teach states of India Puzzle

Learn states & union territories of India easily Following are some toys (kind of) learning materials that will help kids to memorise states of India. And get an idea about the geography of Indian states. This puzzles will make it easier and fun for children to learn states of India and their capitals. And will […]