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How to find correct coach position & seat number - Indian railway

How to find the Correct Platform Number, Coach Position and Seat Number quick and easy. Everything will be smooth and you will have a Happy Journey after knowing this.

How to find correct coach position & seat number - Indian railway

You only need to know 2 things.

The direction train is going and the coach position from engine.


after reaching the railway station,

go to the office area and see the time table board/coach position information board.

This board will be near the office of station master and not near ticket counter.

First step: find the coach position information board.

Coach position table Indian railway

This type of coach position information board is easy to find in almost all ‘small to medium’ railway stations in India. That, by the way is almost 95% of all railway stations.

But what if it is a major railway station?: It will not be easy to find the coach position information board of one particular train in major railway station with more than 15 platforms. There you can see many display boards and different timetables.

So keep looking for different information boards, screens etc.

You can always ask for help at the information desk and listen to announcements.

Ones you spot the time coach position board, which includes the train you are supposed to take, look for the train number and see the chart. 

Take a photograph of the chart/coach position information.

Finding the platform Number.

How to find platform number Indian railway

First step is finding the platform in which train will be arriving at.

You can see that information on the above specified chart. 

Platforms are numbered from one side(Main gate) to another, starting from 1 and going up.

But what if railway station have two major gates. In that case, platform number will start from the main gate and will go up in numbers to the next gate.

Platform number is also displayed on each platform with big blue signs.

Finding coach position from engine.

Coach position chart

This is the most important information you require. 

Coach position will be displayed on the timetable/coach position board chart. 

But there is a problem.

You have to figure out is in which direction is train going.

This information is critical because, coach position is given as starting from engine position.

Usually, you can figure the train direction using common knowledge like directions: north, south, east etc.

If you are going to north India, the train direction will be to the north. But this can be wrong in many cases, therefore make sure to ask someone.

Now the if your coach is D2, and the board shows that D2 will be on 11th position from the engine: Walk in the direction of train(towards the engine),

Stop when you see the position 11 on the side. It is usually on an yellow board.

Finding the coach position easy

Other side of the board will show another number, but don’t confuse it with actual number.

Because you should be looking towards the position of engine while reading this sign.

Finding which door to get in.

Which door to use for easily finding seat number

Train coaches in India usually have 70 to 100 total seats. Seat number starts from one side to another. Indeed it starts from 1.

Meaning, if your seat number is 50 you will be in the middle.

Let’s assume the total number of seats is 100.

If seat number is 50 it doesn’t matter which door you use to get inside. Because seat is in the Middle.

But if seat is for example 20, use the door which say 1–100.

If the seat number is 70, use the door that says 100–1.

Finding the seat number.

How to find seat number Indian railway

If the coach/bogie is correct, and you entered through the right door, finding the seat number is very easy.

Just look for the numbers on the side(usually above windows or above seats at eye level) and keep walking until you see your seat number.

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Written on November 6, 2022
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How to find correct coach position & seat number - Indian railway