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Choosing Best washing machine in India 2018

Washing machines have been used for over a century. They eliminate manual labor and simplify the process of washing fabrics.

Choosing Best washing machine in India 2018

Washing machines have been used for over a century. They eliminate manual labor and simplify the process of washing fabrics.

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How does a washing machine work?

The washing machine has two steel tubs. The inner tub holds the clothes and has an agitator in the middle of it. The sides are perforated with holes so that when the tub spins the water can exit.

After the tub is load. with clothes it gets fill. with water and then stirs the clothes around due to the presence of an agitator. There’s an electrically operated pump that removes water from the drum when the wash is over.

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Wash Cycles

A washing machine operates in a sequence of cycles - soaking, washing with detergent, rinsing and drying.

These cycles can be customised to suit a range of fabrics such as woollen, denim, linen and cotton. Each customised sequence adjusts the duration and strength of the cycle to suit a particular fabric.

  • Soak

The drum is filled with water while the detergent is mixed with the water through a special compartment. Then the water gets heated and the fabric is soaked.

  • Wash/Soap

The agitator moves around the fabric with its continuous movement. The varying movements scrub the fabric removing stains and dirt with the help of detergents.

  • Rinse

This time the agitator works with clean water to remove all the detergent from the fabric. It spins at a very high speed to remove excess water.

  • Spin dry

Finally the drum spins at a very high speed causing the remaining water to leave the fabric. Post this the fabric is almost dry and requires minimal additional drying time.

Load - The weight of the clothes that the washing machine can handle out during a wash-cycle.

Tumble - The path of the movement of the fabric inside the washing machine during a wash cycle.

Spin dry - High speed rotation of the drums to remove most of the water from the clothes.

Types of Washing Machines

Washing machines come in 3 primary types for your home.

1.Top Load (Semi Automatic)

A semi-automatic machine has two separate compartments — one for washing and the other for rinsing/drying.

It requires manual transfer from one to another compartment.
Top level washing machines are the most economical washing machine available.

They consumes least amount of power and water compared to other types. 3 wash programs available in this type of machines also are easy to understand and use.

2.Top Load (Fully Automatic)

All washing machines need to be kept near a water inlet. Direct permanent connections are installed between the inlet and the machine. The washing machine controls the inlet, turning it on as and when required.

These are most economical fully automatic washing machines.10 to 15 programmable wash sequences for multiple types of fabrics. Auto-backup memory allows a continuous wash sequence even after a power cut.

3.Front Load (Fully Automatic)

These are the most advanced category of washing machines. Front loading washing machines offer a range of features and are easy to load through the transparent door in the front.
Consumes less electricity and water when compared to top-loading machines. Over 100 wash combinations for various types of fabrics are available. And features thermostat to control temperature of water.

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Written on May 2, 2017
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