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Different type of resistance bands

There are different types of resistance bands available in market. First you need to decide which type is best for your need.

  • Resistance band tubes.

  • Resistance band mini loop.

  • Non loop resistance bands

  • Heavy assist resistance band loop (for pull up, chin up & more)

  • Figure 8 bands

  • O ring resistance band

After choosing one of above option, we can look for different resistance levels. You can buy as a set of loops or as a single one. Following are some standard color codes, representing different resistance levels.

  • Yellow -Extra light.
  • Red - Light
  • Green – Medium
  • Blue – heavy
  • Black – Extra heavy

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Resistance band tubes.

Resistance band tube

These are available as a group of tubes or single tube. Usually domes with handles on both ends for smooth handling.


Tubular shaped rubber bands.
Handles on both sides.
Can mimic gym machines

List of some of the best good tubes to buy in India(Will be added soon).

Resistance band mini loop.

Resistance band mini loop

These are mini resistance band loops, length around 30 cm, width around 5 cm. Widely used for assisting in yoga poses, stretching etc.


Smaller, thinner & wider.
Best for stretching.

Non loop resistance bands

Non loop resistance band

Non loop resistance bands are similar to Mini loops, but it is not a loop. Usually around 1 meter long. Can be used for more varieties of stretching & yoga exercises. These are also used as therapy bands.


Very long and thin LIGHT THERAPY resistance bands

Free ends - No handles

Heavy assist resistance band loop (for pull up, chin up & more)

Heavy assist resistance band loop

These are the most widely used resistance bands. Therefore, usually when people say Resistance band, they mean this one. This is both thick and long at the same time. So it can be used for heavy workouts & also for assisting in other workouts.


Thicker and longer than other type of bands

Very strong and durable.

Best for heavy workout and stretching

Figure 8 bands

Figure 8 resistant band

Best used for pushing & pulling exercise


Shape like number 8

Best for focused exercises.

Tube type band with handles.

O ring resistance band

O ring resistance band


Similar to mini resistance band
This is a single loop with handles.
Best for arm stretching

Following is a video created by me to describe different types of resistance bands. Hope this is helpful.

Written on August 21, 2020
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