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How to force yourself to stay consistent - doing it every day.

Using this formula, you won't miss a single day of practice. Anyone can build consistent habits in life. I use this to practice coding, fitness, writing, and making videos every day.

How to force yourself to stay consistent - doing it every day.

If you want to practice something every day, or build a strong habit, strictly follow these 4 rules.

Rule no 1 — Do it every day.

This is our goal. To do something every day, you need some desire and determination. Almost everyone have this, but the challenge is building a habit.

Rule no 2 — don’t overdo it.

If you want to do something every day, never overdo it. This is a very common mistake made by people starting something new.

On the first day, they spend a lot of time with enthusiasm but it will drain all their interest and make them tired/bored.

Rule no 3 — keep it simple.

Avoid all friction points & keep it simple.

Rule no 4 — Make yourself accountable & document the journey.

You can make yourself accountable by doing it in public(online). First, make the decision public and share the journey online.

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Written on October 30, 2022
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