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Scooter engine running but back tire not rotating/spinning.

Easy solution for this problem - If your scooter is turning on ok, and the engine is running fine, but the back wheel is not spinning, then it is most likely either CVT system's fault or wheel is jammed.

Scooter engine running but back tire not rotating/spinning.
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Scooter engine working but back tire not turning/rotating.

If your scooter is turning on ok, and the engine is running fine, but the back wheel is not spinning, even when accelerating, then it is most likely either CVT system’s fault or wheel is jammed.

The CVT system along with the gears connected to the back tire is responsible for bringing power from the engine to tires.


Scooter back wheel not spinning.

Scooter CVT transmission belt problem symptoms.

Scooter back tire not spinning.

Scooter CVT variator is turning but not wheel.

Scooter engine runs but not wheels

Jammed/not spinning wheel: reasons & solutions.

Brake system jammed.

If the scooter is unused for a long time and not properly stored, the brake system becomes jammed.

You can use a hammer to hit the jammed break pads & cable and release it. Sometimes it will not work, and you need to completely release the brake cable. And then it will turn smoothly.

Because of CVT belt.

Broken CVT belt.

CVT belt is one of the ignored parts that is not usually replaced. So many people end up with a CVT belt that is real worn out or even broken into threads.

If not replaced on time, it will snap. It is kind of dangerous because it will make your scooter suddenly stop on the road. The chance of the snapped belt hitting other parts and damaging them too is a possibility.

Some symptoms include — when very high rpm required to move the scooter, it is a sign. Another symptom is sound coming from the CVT compartment.

Worn CVT belt.

CVT belt need to be replaced within 10,000 km for the best performance. But sometimes belts can go on up to 20,000 km or even more. It all depend on the quality of belt.

Some good branded belts will cost you double the price of cheap ones. And they will last as much as 30000 km without any trouble or big reduce in performance.

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Because of gear system.

Gear teeth broken.

If the gear teeth are completely chipped or broken, scooter engine and all other parts will work perfectly, but the wheel will not get power.

This unusual problem is often cause by a gear oil leak or extreme abuse of the scooter.

Gear oil leak disaster.

If the gear oil is leaking(you can see a oil dirt mixture) from the back side, i.e., near the back tire area. It is a good indication that there is leaking from the gear box.

This is typically caused by a gear box oil seal issue. There are two(round) oil seals in the CVT belt box. One in the variation side and one in the clutch plate side. These are donut shaped hard rubber seals which are cheap.

round gear oil seal scooter

Then there is a gasket all the way around the gear box plates. You have to change both or one of them based on your inspection.

gear box gasket

Jammed gear system.

When stored for long time without any good care this can happen. Very low chance but still can happen. And this can be solved easily.

Open the gear oil draining screw and drain all existing gear oil if there is any. Add new gear oil and most likely this issue will be over.

Because of Clutch plate or variator belt.

Clutch spring broken.

clutch springs

There is a big spring and small spring inside the clutch assembly.

Small springs are inside the clutch plate. These are the springs responsible for clamping onto the wheel rod when rotated(in the driven pully). These springs losing tension can be a reason for the back tire not spinning. A good indication is too much sound coming from the area.

Rollers, spring or worn plates.

scooter cvt clutch

Rollers, springs, corn plates all can cause similar issues in many ways. This usually happens in vehicles that are very old.

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Written on December 3, 2021
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