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Fitness Grip Review - buy or pass.

This little tool is widely available in online stores. Starting at around 170 to 299 rupees.But how good is it in real life? Does it work? Find out in this review.

Fitness Grip Review - buy or pass.

Fitness grip review: as a seller.

I am a seller in Indian online stores like Flipkart, Amazon etc.

One of the product I sell is fitness grips.

So today, I decided to write a review of this product. Fitness grip review: as a seller.

Since I am a seller, you may think this review might be biased. But it is not.

Fitness grips:

Fitness grip review

Buy this exact item here - Fitness grip.

Fitness grips are widely in online, stores. Almost all of them are made on same material, design and quality. Some have different colors and slight changes in design.

These are useful for improving grip, working out muscles on forearm, wrist, and hand.

Fitness grip - reasons to buy.

  • Actually works well for training forearm, wrist and grip strength - after trying it for first time i thought it is of not much use, but next day, I realized it had an effect because of the muscle soreness.

  • Available at very low cost - some sellers are selling it at around 170 very low cost.

  • Useful - Even if the grip is not very challenging for you, if you do some repetitions, it will help you to get stronger. Visible results on forearm, wrist and grip strength.

Fitness grip - reasons to pass.

  • Made in China- i am not that keen on selling products made in China. But almost all the products available to reseller in India are made in China. I am planning to move on to made in India products but as of now, there is not many made in India products available.

  • Strength adjustments not very accurate- it says 0 kg to 50 kg tightness adjustable. But I wonder how accurate it is.

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Written on March 16, 2022
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