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Good batteries you can use along with 10 watt solar panels in India.

10W solar panels are good for emergency uses and also for self-sustaining systems that need power. For example, it can be used to power single LED floodlight, security camera etc.

Or simply for charging mobile and lights with solar in areas where electricity is scarce or during a long power out.

Which battery to use with 10 watt solar panel - You can buy a battery within a range of 5Amh to 10Amh. A battery with low Amp rate will be charged fast with 10W panel, but it will take more time to recharge a 10 Amp battery. So in this range, 7Amp battery may be the best option.

All Batteries in this list are 12v batteries- because 10W, 12V solar panels are most common.

But Amp rate is not the only thing we should consider before buying a battery for solar charging. For example some lead acid batteries have a depth of discharge(DOD) very low.

These batteries are designed for high amount of current in a small-time period. For example starter battery used in automobiles.

What we are looking for deep cycle batteries which can discharge to a low level. So we can use either deep cycle lead acid battery or lithium-ion batteries. Or any other type of rechargeable battery with a good depth of discharge.

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10 best batteries for 10 watt solar panel : Li-ion vs lead acid

As of now, number of options are limited. Not many good 7Amp batteries are available online now.

May be because of COVID-19 situation. But below are some good options i found.

So following list is of two categories. One is deep cycle lead acid batteries and other is lithium-ion batteries. Lead acid ones are more affordable than Lithium-ion batteries. But are heavy and not as effective as lithium-ion batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries are costly, but lightweight and can be discharged to a very low charge. It is more efficient than lead acid batteries but obviously more costly.

If price is not a problem, and you need light weight, then go for Lithium-ion battery. You can also build your own lithium-ion battery pack using old laptop battery cells, connected in series & parallel along with a BMS(battery management system).

Lead acid batteries for 10w solar panel

Lead acid batteries for 10W solar panel.

  • Exide 12V 7Ah Powersafe - Vrla - Dry Sealed Maintenance Free Battery.

Buy from amazon.

  • Solance 12V 7.5Ah SMF UPS-Emergency Battery - It is 12Ah SMF UPS-Emergency Battery. Comes with a 6 month warranty.

This can be purchased online

  • Okaya SMF/VRLA 7.2Ah 12V UPS Battery - This is another similar battery you can buy from amazon.

  • Package by loomsolar - If you are buying a solar panel, and control panel from loomsolar, you can buy it along with battery as a package for around 3000 rupees. This package also includes a 5W DC led bulb.

Best li ion batteries for 10w solar panel

Best Lithium-ion batteries for 10W solar panel.

Following 2 products are made with 18650 battery cells connected together, along with a BMS. You can build these by yourself, or you can buy ready-made ones from following seller.

Ready-made options are well build & comes with a charging port. You just need to connect 2 wires of 10W solar panel to the positive and negative sides of battery charging female pin.

MAEnt 12V Li-ion 18650 Lithium-ion - This product you can actually buy with different amp ratings. Like 6Amh, 6.6Amh, 7.8Amh etc. Batteries in this pack are connected in 3S3P(3 series, 3 parallel) to product a voltage of 12V.

Here is an offer link to buy this product.

MAEnt™ 12V Li-ion 18650, 8 Amh -This one is also from the same seller on Amazon. This one has little more backup. These batteries can be discharged upto 10 percent.

You can buy this from amazon with discount.

Written on June 21, 2020
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