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Best type of hand gripper to train for grip strength.

End result of using these tools - there will be a noticable increase in grip strength. And the veins will be more prominent and your hand will look more like a real hand.

Best type of hand gripper to train for grip strength.

If you want to improve your hand grip strength, you can choose from 2 or 3 grip strengthening tools from this list of 10 different tools.

Each of the gripping tools listed below targets different areas/muscles of the hand. Using a combination of the tools you can work the wrist, fingers, palm, thumb, and forefinger muscles to improve the total grip strength of your hand.

Improving the grip strength is often overlooked by amateur body builders. But building a good grip strength is essential to be able to do advanced gym workouts.

So these workouts will prepare you for ‘all the weight training exercises’ that require a stronger grip.

Without further due following are 9 different types of hand gripper tools to improve the grip.

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The most Common handgrip.

Most widely used tool for improving hand grip strength

The widely used most common hand grip is shown below. Using this common hand grip, you can improve your grip strength by targeting different small muscle groups in your arm.

This includes fingers, wrist, thumb and even the forearms.

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Square type hand grippers.

Square hand grip strengthener

This one is the best for warm up or injury recovery. Because most common ones are lightweight and easy to use. This one is also the best for beginners.

Elastic type hand grippers for fingers.

Rubber tool for finger grip training

Best for only targeting the fingers. This tool really focuses on the fingers, you can really feel the burn on fingers while using this one.

Ball type rubber: squeezing ball grips.

Squeezing rubber ball for grip strength

This one also targets small muscle groups in the fingers and palm. Best for injury recovery. Also, useful for warm up, and cooling off after workout.

You can even use this as a pacifier.

Angled type hand gripper.

Original grip training tool

This one is the OG of hand grips. It was very common before the introduction of all the others mentioned here. And it is still widely used today.

Forearm grip.

best tool for forearm grip!

This focus more on the forearms, wrist and lower part of fingers. Very useful along with other grip tools for the overall grip strength.

Cylindrical weight For finger grip.

Cylindrical weight for improving finger grip

This is a cylindrical steel/iron tool to improve the grip strength of the fingers. Mostly used by athletes and martial artists.

You need to hold this cylindrical slippery mass of weight in your hand. Horizontally and only using the fingers.

Long and heavy rod/barbell for wrist and forearm strength.

grip workout using barbells

This is a long rod made of iron/steel material and hence heavy. You can use this tool to improve the grip strength of the fingers.

Hold on the end of the rod move the rod up and down and sideways. This is very useful to target the wrist and the forearms and the fingers.

Flat, long & heavy tiles.

Using flat and heavy tiles for grip workout

Another grate method is using some old tiles or flat bricks. You don’t need to buy anything. Just find a flat tile and use it. Stalk 3 or more tiles together for more weight.

Using dumbbells.

Using dumbbells for grip

Dumbbells are versatile in its use. On top of all the workouts you can do with it, you can also use a pair of these to wrist, forearm, and fingers for grip strength.

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Written on August 16, 2022
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