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Halonix motion sensor led bulb review - Radar and neo radar

This is my detailed review of Halonix motion sensor led bulbs. There is 2 models available one is Halonix neo radar and other is Halonix radar.

Before we start the long review, following is short summary. From my anecdotal experience.

Halonix motion plus light sensor radar led - worked great and still works(more details below). It turns on auto in night off at morning. And will turn on for one minute if motion detected.

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Halonix motion sensor only led bulb - neo radar - one out of a pair of 2 works. It does not turns on auto in the night. I hate the red zero watt like glow. And the light will not turn off automatically in the morning and it is annoying.

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Detailed review of Halonix motion sensor led bulbs.

I was a fan of motion sensor led bulb / any motion sensor bulbs, even before motion sensor LED bulbs became common in India(online).

There were some motion sensor bulbs available in the old days. But not from a reliable company/brand.

So when Halonix motion sensor led bulbs became available i was one of the first person to buy it. I bought total of 3 bulbs from Halonix.

Halonix Radar motion sensor - First model was great, bought on (July 29) paytm and still works.

motion sensor radar model halonix led bulb

Bought on (aug-2020) using till now(6-nov-2021).

This bulb have both motion and light sensor. That means you can keep the light switch in the on position always.

It will turn on automatically when it gets dark(and motion is detected). And will turn off after one minute.

It will not stay on more that one minute if there is no motion.


  • Both motion and light sensor is there.
  • Light switch can be left in on position.
  • It still works
  • Best for security purpose and less visited areas light back porch or staircase area.


  • It will turn off after 1 minute so not usable for full night on uses.

Halonix 10W Round B22 Neo Radar Motion Sensor (and my conspiracy theory).

neo radar led bulb halonix

Second time buying not so happy.

Second set of Halonix motion sensor i bought was on (july-27-2021) from Flipkart.

It was a pair and one of them stopped working just after 3 days. I even doubt it was already faulty.

Many customers actually complained that one out of 2 bulbs worked. When both of the pair don’t work, people will return it very fast.

But since one of the two worked, people took some time to realized it and return time was over. In my case, it actually worked fine when i installed it for first time.

My theory is that the seller/manufacturer found many non-working bulbs & decided to ship with one faulty and one good bulbs.


  • It has motion sensor.
  • It has a zero watt like red glow always when turned on. If you need such light for elderly or kids then good.
  • Better for indoor use.
  • Price little less compared to radar one.


  • No light sensor, it will stay on in the light and turn on when motion is detected. Even in bright sunlight.

  • You cannot leave it turned on in the case of outdoor use.

Written on November 6, 2021
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