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How to choose a volleyball as a beginner

How to choose the perfect volleyball as a beginner. Everything you need to know before buying a volleyball online - a guide for Indian buyers.

How to choose a volleyball as a beginner

To choose a volleyball that suits the specific playing level, skills & conditions of a player or team require considering various features and factors.

This includes age, playing environment, volleyball ball material, quality etc. and more.

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How to choose the right volleyball

  • Size - Standard indoor, youth indoor, beach.
  • Playing settings: Indoors vs Beach/Outdoors
  • Cover material - Leather, composite/synthetic(PU, TU etc), Rubber.
  • Quality labels - FIVB, VFI, NCAA, AVP.
Size Circumference Age of players Weight Air pressure
Standard indoor/size 4(India) 65-67 cm
(25.5 - 26.5 inches)
12+years 260-280 gm 4.3 - 4.6 psi
Youth indoor 63 - 65 cm
(25 - 26 inches)
untill 12 yrs 260 - 280 gm 4.3 psi
Beach 66 - 68 cm
(26 - 27 inches)
12+ yrs 260 - 280 gm 2.5 - 3.2 psi

Playing settings:

Indoor volleyball

Construction - Moulded

Surface - Smoother surface

Circumference - 25.5 - 26 inches

Air pressure - 4.3 - 4.6 psi

Water resistance - No

Beach volleyball

Construction - Stitched

Surface - Rougher surface

Circumference - 26 -27 inches

Air pressure - 2.5 - 3.2 psi

Water resistance - YES

Construction & surface

Makes the ball durable enough to resist the high winds and other outdoor elements like dirt, moisture, heat etc.

Circumference & Air pressure

Slightly larger size and reduced air pressure provides a lighter feel and a steadier float in the outdoor.

Water resistance

To resist the moisture from rains and dirt that are common in outdoor settings.

Cover material

The outer panel cover material dictates the recommended playing usage of a volleyball as it affects the grip, feel, durability and performance of a ball.
Cover Material Ideal for Suitable for Features
Leather Professional players Indoor courts(wood/indoor court materials) Most premium balls with best in class performance. Softer feel material with high level of control and grip.
Synthetic/composite(PU,TPU etc) Intermediate/andvanced Indoor/outdoor(Any surface) Best balls for outdoor/indoor courts with good feel. Highly durable in all weather and surfaces. Cheaper than leather ball but expensive than rubber balls.
Rubber Beginner/Recreational Indoor/Outdoor(Any surface) Least expensive ball with average feel. Highly durable in all weather and surfaces.
Advanced / Intermediate Beginner / Kids
Indoor Beach/Outdoor Indoor/outdoors
Size Standard indoor/size 4(India) Beach Standard indoor/Size 4(India)
Panel material Leather or synthetic/composite rubber synthetic/composite rubber Rubber
Quality labels FIVB/VFI/AVP/NCAA
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Written on April 14, 2021
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