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How to clean or replace air filter in scooter

Air/oxygen is one of the most important factor in the working of a scooter engine along with fuel & spark, compression & timing. Amount of air intake & ratio of it mixing with fuel will play a very important role in smooth & efficient working of engine.

That is why, the air filter/cleaner should be serviced at regular intervals. Do it more frequently if you are riding in a really dusty area.

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4 steps to clean or replace air filter in Mahindra scooter.

  1. First remove small cover (with mahindra name & logo) on the left side of scooter. You need to unscrew 2 screws to remove this panel.
  2. After removing 4 screws, you can take out the air cleaner(It will be a little bit tight even after removing all screws, so pull it out with little bit power).
  3. Best way to clean it is : with compressed air applied from inside of the air cleaner/filter. If it is very dirty, torn or damaged, it it recommended to replace it. Price of new air filter is around 150 to 250 rupees.
  4. Reinstall the cleaner in reverse order of removal.

Suitable aftermarket air filter for mahindra gusto – Purolator Air filter element Mahindra Gusto Pl-2356. Mrp – 184.

Warning : Never use oil, water or any other chemical to clean air filter.

Written on January 10, 2020
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