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How can I promote my educational institution?

Here is 10 effective and affordable growth hacks i used for promoting my educational institute.

How can I promote my educational institution?

Promoting an educational institute is a difficult task.

Especially when competition is really high.

It is not easy to get classroom full or students. More so for a brand-new institution.

Here are some smart moves/growth hacks in promoting an education institute. Few trusted old ways and some new internet marketing tips.

Effective traditional methods to promote an education institute

1)Good old Print ads - but really creative

Creative ads in traditional publications especially newspapers are rare. Combining these print ads with digital efforts will give great results.

Use of traditional adverts as a part of online sales funnel is less utilized.

Print ads in newspaper, printed notices(distributed with newspaper in local are) etc. is still very effective & widely used practices for promoting educational institutions.

While advertising for ongoing admissions, remember to add promotional offer with a deadline in ad copies to increase inquiry/conversion rate.

We can see phrases like “few seats remaining“ in almost all ads (from education sector). This is indented create an urgency for action in students.


Bill boards are another effective traditional advertising method you can use for promotion. But make sure to install them where it will get attention of students.

3)Collect referrals through application form/feedback form

Collect referrals from parents/students. In return provide a reward for every new student enrolled in the program.

4)Provide sample study materials for free

If you are targeting students for preschool/ preliminary school, then distribute free study material (two or three pages) which they can use for learning (of course with your institution name printed on the cover).

5)Offer a Demo class or seminar

If targeted group is adult students then giving a demo class is a good option.Schools can offer free classes in vacation time to get publicity. Demo classes & seminars are good for getting some publicity also.

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How to use Digital/online marketing for promoting schools and colleges

Prospective students often make informative queries in internet to decide on which course to choose for career.

High rate of internet usage among youngsters certainly have an impact on marketing of educational institutions.

Therefore, you can leverage online marketing to reach to potential students. Following are some suggestions for online marketing.


A website is a must-have online address for a school. Website should reflect the image of school/college in terms of values, mission and vision.

Include courses details, feedback form and location details. Optimize website for local searches. Use website to build email list. Take a look at the websites of other schools/colleges to get an idea on design and content.

Social Media

Engage with students through social media. Regularly updating Facebook page with events, activities, new technology additions, new courses and success stories etc is a good practice.Yon also use social media for paid promotions.

Google map and reviews.

Make sure that your institution is listed in Google map. Claim your ownership and get verified. Keep an eye on Google reviews as Students tend to take decisions based on online reviews about an institution.

Marketing campaign (email) and sms

Use emails collected through website and other means for email marketing. Collect email address of students/parents and regularly update them with information on events, activities etc through email or sms.

How can you Increase the enrollment / admission rate while consulting students?

This is final and most important part of the process, “converting inquiries to new admissions”. Following are some tips on how to increase the spot admission rate & how to get more students to enrol.

  1. Scarcity-Inform students/parents that only few seats are remaining. This will create urgency in students for taking decision fast as possible.
  2. Remember to collect referrals through admission form.
  3. Offer them a discount (with deadline) on spot admission(this will increase enrollment rate. (Eg-5% discount for students who join today)
  4. Educate students about the scope and future of the course opted by them.
  5. Offer them a demo class
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Written on November 2, 2018
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