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How to turn off AHO -Always light on in RE Himalayan

Here i explain all 3 ways you can turn of AHO in RE himalayan. First method is by using electronic AHO switch, Second method is by adding extra switch/ Bs4/Bs6 Switch Conversion To Bs3 and finally detaching one wire from the connection.

What is AHO - Always Headlight On.

AHO also known as DRL Daytime Running Lights. DRLs are headlight systems that function during the daytime to enhance vehicle visibility and awareness.

Like it or hate it, the AHO feature is a mandatory requirement in many countries including India. In India, always headlight on is mandatory in motorcycles.

Another example is in the US, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) requires all vehicles to have Daytime Running Lights when sold on or after 1 September 2009.

Similar laws are in many Europian and other countries around the world.


  • Better visibility for other vehicles.
  • More visibility for the driver during fog, dust, rain, etc.
  • Useful in highways where heavy vehicles have trouble spotting motor cycles.


  • Battery drain because - light is always on.
  • Not very useful as advocates claim.
  • It can be considered as an unnecessary law for a country like India because of the weather.
  • Price hike because of forcing manufactures to comply with AHO.

RE Himalayan - HeadLight circuit explained.

Not a detailed explanation but following image shows the basic(only head light part) wires in the Royal Enfield Himalayan headlight.

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How to switch of permanent Light on in RE Himalayan - Turn Off AHO

You can turn off AHO in 3 ways. First method is by using electronic AHO switch, Second method is by adding extra switch/ Bs4/Bs6 Switch Conversion To Bs3 and finally detaching one wire from the connection. Below i explain all 3 ways you can turn of AHO in RE himalayan.

Buy a product - Electronic AHO switch

You can buy a ready-made circuit as a product and connect it to a headlight circuit to turn off the headlight. After connecting it to the circuit you can turn off the light as you wish.

For example one of the products I saw online works by making use of the yellow button. It uses the Yellow button on the handlebar to turn off or on the headlight. It can be done by pressing it for 6 seconds.

Some other similar products are available but they will cost around 1000 to 3000 rupees. Another problem is most of the time these are either not available or takes a very long time for shipping.

One example product is available in novatronix website. But is not availalbe in trusted sites like flipkart/amazon.

Cost - around 1300 to 3000

Add extra switch/ Bs4/Bs6 Switch Conversion To Bs3.

This is more cost-effective compared to the above option. But involves more work - including removing some handlebar screws and parts.

You can buy an old BS3 switch and use it instead of the original AHO switch system.

Where to buy: you can buy from a local service center or online. Sometimes it becomes available in online stores and then disappears.

Cost - around 400 rupees.

What I did (Temporary Solution) - Detach one wire from the connection.

Turning off AHO in RE himayalan temporary solution

Here is how I turned off Always Headlight on in Royal Enfield Himalayan. You just need to unplug one wire from the main light circuit. You can choose either High/Low beam as an option.

It is not recommended to disconnect the headlight connections for long. Because the bike circuit will detect that there is something wrong with the wiring. So the red battery low light will always be on. This is not very useful since we are already having trouble figuring out whether the battery is fully charged or not.

Another issue is overcharging of the battery. The coil is producing current for both light and battery charging at the same time. Since the light is off, it will mess up all systems.

Reson to chose this method

  • Cost is none.
  • You can do it yourself.
  • Can reconnect after charging battery to full.
  • Easy to do - best option if you cannot wait 1 month for the product to arrive.

Reasons to not choose this method

  • Warning: this will affect the warranty of the bike.
  • Battery red ligt indicator will keep turned on even after battery is fully charged. Because one connection is removed.
  • Chance of other issues if it kept connected for long term. For example chance of overcharging.

Disconnecting dim light from headlight - royal enfeild himalayan

Removing dim light - what happens.

  • Switch in down position will make the light turn on.
  • When the switch is in up position bright light will work.
  • Only bright light will work. It is super annoying at night.

Removing bright wire - what happens.

  • Headlight switch in up position will turn off light.
  • But the bright light indicator in the dashboard will turn on.
  • Switch in the down position will make the light turn as dim light.

In summary, you can disconnect the headlight wire as a temporary solution but it is not recommended as long term solution.

Written on July 7, 2021
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