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Inspecting, cleaning/replacing air filter in motor vehicles.

Inspecting, cleaning/replacing air filter in motor vehicles. How to do it properly.

Inspecting, cleaning/replacing air filter in motor vehicles.
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If you came here from repairing scooter/bike at home post, I want it to make clear that there is very low chance of scooter not starting because of air filter.

If starting after a long time, just make sure to inspect air filter & clean intake tubes.

But air is one of the most important thing an engine need to run. Having good quality filtered air is very essential for the engine to run smoothly in long term.

Low-quality air will result in low fuel efficiency also. There for, do the following as a part of maintenance.

  • Keep air filter clean.
  • Change on regular occasions.
  • Use a good quality air filter.

3 types of air filters used in motorcycles.

Sponge air filter Widely used in the past. Use of sponge as air filter is declining now. While Sponge ensures the best air flow out of this 3 types. It is not very effective in blocking fine particles and dust.

Paper air filter It is even better at filtering small particles compared to sponge. Price not as costly as cotton air filter. Most commonly used now.

Cotton air filter Costlier than both sponge and paper material. But it lasts longer and do a good job filtering all kind of particles. Can be cleaned, oiled and used again.

Changing air filter.

Symptoms of bad air filter.

Misfiring sound from exhaust , low mileage, smoke and smell of fuel etc.

Checking for issues.

Air filters are usually located at very accessible position for easy replacement. Open the cover and analyse the condition of air filter. Replace/clean using air. Never use water to clean.

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Written on October 13, 2021
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