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Earn money from Koo App - the official way.

Koo App Se Paise Kaise Kamaye. Yes, it is possible to earn money from KooAPP. Kooapp gives a unique opportunity for those who want to target Indian audience.

Earn money from Koo App - the official way.

Koo App Se Paise Kaise Kamaye

Yes, it is possible to earn money from KooApp.

But before that, you have to know the reality about this app.

Koo was able to take advantage of the make in India / digital India campaign and gain a large amount of signups.

But it is still in the initial stages in terms of features. And compared to other social media apps it is not that great.

3 sad reasons to not use koo app(truth social of India!).

Almost 1 year ago,

a mass exodus from Twitter happened in India.

Many important people, mostly Indian ministers, and right-wingers campaigned to move to Koo app.

Koo was promoted as a #madeinindia social media and also an unbiased media(after many complains about twitter bias surfaced).

But here is the reality.

1. It is a copied (crappy) version of Twitter — like it or not, that is the truth.

Now that Elon musk bought twitter and making improvements(it is not too biased now) — twitter is 100% better than Koo.

2. There is no delete account option.

Once you create an account, you cannot delete it. I searched all settings but couldn’t find any option to cancel account.

3. It is biased — echo chamber.

This website is heavily right leaning echo chamber. If you want to see our country to improve, we have to hear and allow other opinions too.

There is no point in getting our opinions trending, if there is no one from the other side to hear it.

Koo app is Indian version of Parlor, Rumble or Truth social.

But why am i still using it.

Because we can build an audience relatively easy, then earn money from it.

I use it because of 3 reasons — Large Indian audience, better engagement from users and better opportunity to grow a following.

How to earn money from — Koo App earn money — Koo App Se Paise Kaise Kamaye.

So how to earn money — there are no shortcuts.

Koo app is a relatively new social media.

Therefore, it is easy to grow an audience unlike Twitter or Facebook.

You have to build a good following first. 

You just say what ‘BJP supporters like’, and they will follow. Noo I am just joking. 

But here is the point, koo app is an amazing option if you want to promote something to Indian audience.

Affiliate marketing — promoting affiliate products.

Promoting personal brand — Easily create a personal brand and build audience.

Sales — Paid advertising & promotion options are coming soon.

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Written on December 1, 2022
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Earn money from Koo App - the official way.

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