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LED Bulb base types in India explained

LED Bulb different Base types in India

LED Bulb Most commonly used Base types in India (Infographic)

    • B22

Type - Standard single bulbs-Used in Home
B22 LED bulb is the most widely used bulb base type in India.

    • E27

Type -Ceiling, wall light fittings outdoor lights and table lamps.
Screw type bulb-known as standard Edison Screw type bulb

    • E14

Type - Decorative light fittings,candle shaped chandeliers
This bulb has a smaller base with a diameter of 14mm.

    • GU-10

Type - This type is used in bath bars, ceiling fans and track lighting
Commonly found on multifaceted reflector lamps.

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  • E27
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  • MR16
  • GU10
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  • Things to know while choosing LED Bulbs

    1. Shop for lumens, not watts - Watt is not a measure of brightness of led.
    2. Select light colour you want - Choose from a range of colours (warmer yellow-white, colour of incandescent bulbs, whiter white or blueish white.)
    3. Choose the right bulb for dimmers - some bulbs fail to respond to a dimmer switch.

    Info-graphic - LED Bulb Base Types in India

    Different types of led base-infographic

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