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LensKart Review - Should you buy your next Eyewear online!

Lenskart promotes & sell Sunglasses, Contact Lens, Eyeglasses & frames. They do combo offers like, buy 1 get one most of the time. If you are considering buying specs online, following is my experience buying specs from lenskart.

LensKart Review - best for budget eyewear?

I have been using glasses for many years. On all four previous occasions i purchased from offline stores . So I thought this time i should try online store.

Lenskart is actually the only trustable specs store i found online (26/01/2020). I visited few websites but nothing good found.

And, Google was showing lensKart ads to me since few months.

Also, there are some good offers. A good-looking eyeglass at an offline store will cost minimum 1500. But in LensKart, Two eyeglasses are offered for 1500. So I thought I’d give it a try this time, for checking quality.

Lenskart application can help you see which specs fit your face. This is done by taking a 3D photo of your face and using Some kind of AI to match with specs.

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This”3D try on” feature is working fine when it works(sometimes it fails to work, may be because of server overload).

You will get the option to choose power of each lens after ordering.

The power and details of the specs were updated and the next day, the next day they couriered it. With so many people ordering same power, it is easy for them to send them fast.

The glasses were sent from Gurgaon.

I opted for the option of getting two models at 1500, plus tax thus the total cost to me is Rs 1680.

LensCart glasses Review - pros

It is worth noting that the cover & the fabric that came along with glasses were pretty good.

When I first picked up these mirrors, specs looked cheap and light (but not too bad).

Both eyeglasses came with anti-glare to keep the eyes from getting reflection from screen when using the computer.

If you want anti-glare for glasses purchased from regular offline stores, we will have to pay at least Rs 400 extra. The 1680 i paid is for two eyeglasses & anti-glare.

We never get a price like this at an offline store. So I would definitely give this product a four out of five rating. One rating was lowered because the material seemed to be very cheap.

Anyway, people couldn’t tell the difference between these & the Rs 3000 goggles I was already using.

Reasons to not buy glasses from lenskart - Cons

I cannot tell you what the Experience will be if you are going to buy a very premium brand instead of a budget eyewear. Because many people who bought costly glasses from this site are not so happy.

There are plenty of negative reviews online . Many of these are from those who bought costly eyewear.

Summary - LensKart.com review

I will recommend it if you are buying an entry level version of eyewear. It is like buying a midrange smartphone, you get the best of both.

LENSKART can therefore be considered if you intend to buy a budget version of specs. But if you want to buy Eyeglasses/Cooling glasses for a price of Rs 4,000 and up, you may want to opt for an offline store.

Don’t complain if you buy a premium glass, and it turns out to be not of correct size. It is in many ways similar to buying shoes. Fit, style, feeling etc. are important right? For that, you have to visit a local store.

Written on May 10, 2020
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