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COSCO footballs – Which one is the best Cosco football.

This is a list of all molded, PU, PVC & Synthetic Footballs from COSCO for match, training & recreational playing. And more info on choosing the right COSCO football for you.

COSCO footballs – Which one is the best Cosco football.
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I already made a list of all footballs from NIVIA Sports and today we are going to look at all the different footballs available from COSCO.

COSCO is in Indian sports market since a long time and earned respect of sports enthusiasts by creating some good products. COSCO made some of the most durable best footballs in India in early days.

Many of following footballs are ‘the same’ or ‘almost the same’ with different names; but for the sake of listing all footballs, I am not ignoring any similar ones.

Cosco footballs quality types & price – Cost from high to low.

Price from costly to cheap : PU micro fiber > PU molded/PU Stitched > Rubber laminated stitched/Rubber laminate molded(COSFLEX) > Rubber molded> PVC stitched/molded.

While type of outer layers of football is important, quality, thickness, stitch/bond quality, bladder material, extra backing for bladder or lack or it etc all contribute to shape, bounce and durability of footballs.

Rubber Molded footballs

Good rubber footballs can have almost same qualities of PU footballs. These molded footballs are better than stitched footballs in terms of shape retention, water resistance etc.

Following rubber moulded footballs are listed below on the basis of price. Most expensive one first. Most of these footballs have same qualities on only difference is outer material used. Some of them use more thick panels as outer material.


This is a rubber moulded generic football -Size five football. Surface(Don’t have any grains or anything) is suitable for all types of weather and surfaces. Will be most durable on the grass surface. Butyl bladder with nylon winding.


Very similar to above football Roma but it has grained surface. Grained surface of the ball will give better grip & durability.


Very similar to above 2 footballs & only difference is it has textured surface. Textured surface is something between smooth and grained surface. Everything else is similar.

Thunder S -5

Very similar to the above-mentioned footballs & the main difference is football surface is dimpled instead of a grained or smooth surface. These are small punched in like dimples on the surface.

Thunder S-4

Similar to Thunder S-5 but size 4.

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PU Stitched footballs

Stitched footballs are the most common footballs in the market. Well made stitched footballs can achieve similar or even better shape retention, bounce & even water resistance. Many stitched footballs are also approved by organizations like FIFA to be used as match footballs.

Platina FIFA

PU micro fiber hand sewn.

This one is one of the most costly football from COSCO. It is approved by FIFA in the “FIFA Quality Pro” category; which is a standard for FIFA matches and confederation matches.

This is an official size and weight football moulded & made with the best quality PU material. It is the best football in terms of shape retention, weight & accuracy.

The outer layer is of the best quality and can resist water & is a little bit shiny. But obviously using it in very rough playing conditions is not worth it considering the price.

Gold cup

This one is also a premium quality made with good grade PU leather material. Available in 3 different colours. But unlike Platina FIFA’s outer layer, this one does not have a shiny finish. It is not grained either.


Another international match quality football. PU stitched with Named after country Brazil, this football design is also in match with their flag design.


This one is the cheapest out of above 3 PU footballs with match quality. PU stitched with strong backing material for shape retention.

Torino(Not sure about materials used)

With Torino we go down to entry level quality again, while made with PU/PVC(contradicting info) material this football is .Good for training and recreational purposes.


Affordable football for hard ground. One of the cheap option for those want a PU football for hard ground.

Norway S-4

Relatively new model with PU Material.Good quality & hand sewn. If size 4 is what you are looking for, i recommend this one.

Italia S-3

Size 3 football for age group below 15. Make material is not correctly specified. Most likely it is PVC.

PU Molded footballs

Football made with PU material but instead of stitching, it is molded. Cosco have only one Pu molded football available.


This is the only Molded football with PU material. All other footballs from COSCO with PU material is stitched. This ball is having a 32 panel design. Size 5 and have poly cotton backing. Outer surface have shiny finish.

PVC footballs

PVC footballs are most affordable footballs because of low cost of material. PVC material itself is off variety of type and quality so it also depends on what type of material is used.

Because of the use of PVC materials for outer layers, these footballs are not that good to use in hard grounds. Bounce and shape retention will not be the best. But still these are good footballs for age group under 15 to use on grass surface. Or even on hard ground without any sharp rocks.


One of the best in this category. This football have best quality outer material with less shining. Is good of little bit of rough playing.


Size 5 PVC football. Most likely similar ball like Torino with a different color design. Good for playing on soft surfaces.

Croatia S-4

Similar football to CUBA but size 4. Good for occasional recreational plaiying for age group under 15.

S-4 Rio

This is size 4 football. Made with PVC outer material. Good for recreational play. Age group 12 to 15.

S-3 Belgium

Size 3 football for kids. Good for recreational playing. Age group 5 to 10.

S-3 Peru S-2

Very small footballs for kids. Age group from 5 to 12.

Synthetic footballs – COSFLEX

They call it synthetic/rubber laminated and Cosflex etc. Not much info is available about this material. Most likely this is some kind of thermoplastic material. This is an interesting category because, Cosflex material is used by COSCO in many different sports products including balls, bags etc.

Delta Force

This football is recognized by FIFA as FIFA International Match Standard Ball. This football is officially used by teams like Kerala, Bengal etc. So this is one of the best option for a pro level player.


Another IMS football from COSCO. Major difference with above ball is the shiny finish. This one is one of the new models in the market.

Milano S-5

Available in size 4 and five. Not officially approved by comparable quality with above 2 footballs.


With little bit grainy texture. Best for all surface conditions. This football is a good option to play on even hard surfaces. Not too cheap but mostly available under 1000 rupees. It is one of the best option for training for pro level players.

Permalast, Premier S-5, Milano S-4, Premier S-4, Astra S-5

Most of these footballs are almost similar but some are available in size 4 and size 5.

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Written on April 14, 2021
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