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NIVIA Footballs- which NIVIA Football is the best?

This is a list of all footballs available from Nivia sports categorized in nice manner so that you can choose the best cheap option for you.

NIVIA Footballs- which NIVIA Football is the best?
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Starting from most costly professional level football like Ashtang to the cheapest options like Home play, many football models are available from Nivia sports.

Some are good for grass and soft surfaces while others for hard surfaces without grass. But in India; most of the available ground is hard surface. So you don’t need to buy more costly footballs made for soft ground. So price is not the sole indicator of quality(in terms of durability) here. It also depends on the type of surface and conditions you play on.

Most costly football from Nivia sports is Ashtang football: but this one is for playing on professional quality grass ground.

The Cheapest footballs are Nivia country footballs and Nivia home play.

Nivia country footballs named after countries like Italy, Germany, France, Brazil etc areAnd cheapest of all : Nivia Home Play is made of canvas material and is good for playing inside of home – preferably for freestyling.

Different types of Nivia footballs.

PU-Micro Leather Stitched – prmium quality footballs from Nivia, usually made for professional players playing on natural or arificial grass.

PU stitched – Some match quality footballs to low quality footballs are made with this material. These can be used in rough conditions.

PU molded – Same PU material but moulded(thermaly bonded using heat). Same quality as a stiched football can be achieved through right manufactuing methods.

Rubberized stitched – Rubber footballs can take some abuse in rough grounds and still hold.

Rubberized molded – rubbe outer materials moulded, can be made with same quality as stiched footballs.

TPU stitched – Not as bouncy as PU or rubberised but well made TPU football is still good.

PVC/canvas stitched – this have smooth surface best of grass and soft surface without rocks.

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Nivia Match footballs price range 1000 to 3000.

NIVIA Ashtang-ISL-2019 -This is official size ISL football. Ball size is 5 and it has 8 Panel structure, PU-Micro Leather Stitched. Suitable for natural and artificial grass surface.

NIVIA Ashtang-ISL-2020 – Same as NIVIA Ashtang-ISL-2019.

NIVIA Force-II – This one is 32 panel match ball with same PU micro leather stitched construction. Suitable for hard and soft grass surface. Available in 2 different sizes 4 and 5.

Nivia dominator 2.0 – is another match ball but with grained surface for better grip. Made with grained PU.

Nivia Antrix – this is a 32 panel stitched football made with rubber material. This football is good for Hard surface without grass because of rubber material.

Nivia Simbolo – this one is also suitable for hard surface without any grass. This one is available 4 & 5. And is PU stitched.

NIVIA Shining Star — this one is approved by IMS(International Match Standard) 32 panel rubberized stitched football. Similar to Nivia antrix this footbal can also be used on all type of grounds.

NIVIA Shining Star 2022 – Same as Nivia shining star.

Nivia Torrido – this one is also for all weather all surface but available in 2 different sizes 4 and 5. Plus its outer surface is grained.

NIVIA Dominator – Unlike nivia dominator 2.0, this one is a 6 panel football. Its outer material is rubber and is one of the best football for hard ground without grass. Outer layers of this football is fused together.

NIVIA Latino – 32 panel PU Stitched match quality football not too good for hard surface without grass.

NIVIA Super Synthetic – Rubberized Stitched 32 panel football.

NIVIA Vega32 panel rubberized Stitched suitable for all surface ground.

Nivia training footballs Price 500 to 1500.

NIVIA Classic – Rubberized Stitched, 32 Panel all surface football.

NIVIA Equator – Available in 3,4 & 5 size. Made with PU outer material with grains.

NIVIA Kross World country footballs – Different country footballs such as kross world France, Kross world England, Kross world Argentina, kross world Brazil etc. All of them are Rubberized stiched 32 panel footballs with different colors representing different countries.

NIVIA Black & White – Rubberized Stitched 32 panel football. Available in sizes 4 and 5.

NIVIA Street – 32 panel rubberized stiched with grains on outer surface.

NIVIA Trainer – Available in 3 sizes:3, 4 and 5. Rubberized stitched football with smooth surface.

NIVIA True Love – This one is molded. Outer material is rubber.

NIVIA Lets Football – same as above.

Nivia recreational – footballs price under 500&1000 rupees.

NIVIA Storm – This is one of the best-selling football from Nivia because of affordability and durability. This football is available in 2 different sizes and 3 different colors.

NIVIA Rabona – Available 3, 4 and 5. Nivia rabona is made with glossy TPU outer material. Not for hard ground without grass.

Nivia country balls – Nivia Brazil, Argentina, England, Germany etc are same footballs with different designs(based on country flag). All of these footballs are rubberized molded and have 32 panel design.

Nivia football league – Rubber moulded football with 32 panel.

NIVIA Tornado – Rubber moulded with grains for better grip. 32 panel structure – this one can be used for matches also.

Kids junior footballs from Nivia – Under 500 rupees

NIVIA World Fest Country Color – Available in 3 different sizes size 1, 3 and 5. Recommended for age group of 12 and below, this has smooth outer surface and is best for playing on grass & other smooth surface. Outer material is made with PVC.

Nivia air strike – Suitable for age group under 12 years, this 32 panel PVC stitched football have smooth outer surface and is best for playing on grass surface.

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Written on April 14, 2021
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