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List of all(almost) nursing organizations in India(NGO'S, Political & local)

Alone We Can Do So Little; Together We Can Do So Much

: Helen Keller

Alone We Can Do So Little; Together We Can Do So Much

: Helen Keller

Like it or not, nursing organizations have a very important role in wellbeing of nurses in India.

Traditionally nurses were always been reluctant to organize, unionize and ask for rights.

Many reasons include not having time to even think about issues(too tired to even eat, right?), fear of being a scape goat, brainwashing based on the idea of selfless caring & charity etc.

Majority of workforce being female(may be because of social construct of women in India) also might have contributed to less resistance.

In mainstream Indian industries women started to join workforce in large only since 1991.

Even with slow starting, we managed to organize ourselves through few different organizations in both local, state level and national scenes.

It is just a beginning, and still majority of the work force is not organized.

That is why i suggest everyone to join & support one or more nursing organization near you.

There has been many planned & targeted attacks on nursing organizations to break the unity & turn nurses on each other.

Some organizations might have political or other allegiances. But as long as they are raising the voice for ‘wellbeing and justice’ for nurses, we have to support them.

So following are some of the top Organizations working for the wellbeing of nurses.

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Trained Nurses Association Of INDIA (TNAI).

The Trained Nurses’ Association of India (TNAI) is a national organization of nurse professionals at different levels. It was established in 1908 and was initially known as Association of Nursing Superintendents.

The Government of India has recognized TNAI as a service organization in 1950. A similar recognition by all the State Governments has been an asset to the promotion of its objectives.

Foundation stone for TNAI Headquarters Inaugurated by Smt. Indira Gandhi laid by Dr. S Radhakrishnan

** Upholding every way the

  • Dignity and honour of the nursing profession,
  • Promoting a sense of espirit de corps among all nurses,
  • To advance professional, educational, economic and general welfare of nurses


Email – sna@tnaionline.org

Phone – 01126566665, 01126858304

United Nurses Association.

United Nurses Association, is a professional association of registered nurses in the Indian state of Kerala.

The organization discusses problems faced by nurses in their working environment


Email – unakeralaofficial@gmail.com

Phone – +91 9072689400

Indian Nurses Association.

The Indian Nurses Association (INA) is a professional organization and trade union for Registered Nurses in India.


Email – nil

Phone – nil

All India Nurses Association

Our main goal is to unite all Indian nurses and nursing students and heritage as a professional body under one umbrella at National level.


Email – president@aaina.ind.in

Phone – 09896967696

Kerala Govt Nurses Association

Association of Govt Nurses in Kerala.

Website – nil

Email – nil

Phone – nil

Kerala Nurses Union

Not much info available online

Website – nil

Email – nil

Phone – nil

Note: Any update or new addition to this list is appreciated. Message more details to Facebook Page.

Written on February 6, 2021
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List of all(almost) nursing organizations in India(NGO'S, Political & local)

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